Who is your most killed non-target?

I honestly have no idea who that would be for me.

In this thread

someone suggested to have additional measures be taken into account for the final rating of a job.

While I personally wouldn’t want that, I though it might be a cool statistic just to look at.
I think a counter and a separate statistics page for highest amount of eliminations across all NPCs, could be an interesting idea, too. At least then I would be able to answer the question :sweat_smile:

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“LOok DaNiEL! sHe’s NiCE!”

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I play Mumbai a lot and I’ve killed Rima so many different times in random ways just because.

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the guard at the gate of the final test. had to get a contract high score somehow. took a while.


Those fake gardeners in Whittleton Creek with weapons. Fucking hate them. So annoying.


You all are wrong, the NPC that was killed the most, is most certainly Luca Wood, I don’t even have to explain where he was at, yall know who am I talking about

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Fair point, i can see where your coming from

Glad I’m not the only one who does that all the time lol. In fact I do that with pretty much anyone standing close to water :smiley: (I like to pretend they survive it, among all those fishermen there must be a few who can swim?)

Apart from that:

  • The guard patrolling the top floor of the house in Colorado, that guy ruined so many SA runs I return the favor whenever I can.
  • Mrs Mookjai or however the manager in Bangkok is called, she lingers too long in annoying places and I get a keycard out of it. Now I’ll probably use a banana instead though :smiley:

Damn I never even thought about how the banana could be used for getting keycards and items from people who are usually hard to access or KO