Who is your most killed non-target?

I’m curious, who is your most killed non-target :stuck_out_tongue:

For me it’s the woman in Paris who screams, “Look Daniel! She’s nice!” I hate how I hear that line whenever I am in the vicinity.

Also, the man who says “Aaah I see someone’s in a hurry to get inside.”


I bet “have you seen a girl around” girl, Rocco’s sister and Rocco himself will be present in the lists :slight_smile:


Maybe she should look for the girl instead of smoking cigarettes :rofl:


The Mercenary who stands under the chandelier that 47 shoots down using the winch in Yates’ bedroom in Mendoza. I really don’t like doing non-target kills, but I’ll always allow myself Red Guns if Diana is busy doing her thing with a Letter Opener and I can provide the assist by dropping a chandelier on that mook.


the dialogue that 47 has with the random lady in Chongqing is a breath of fresh air from all of 47’s “tHe fOod iS tO DiE fOR” style lines sprinkled throughout the trilogy.

Back when H3 launched, I used to load into Chongqing, just to quickly listen to it.


Orson and all of the Hawkes Bay guards. I went on so much kill everyone runs there.


Dexy is a strong contender. The other one is the lady that goes with Martinez to the conference room, but Dexy for sure.

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I think every guard who yells at me : “I hope you’re hungry !”

I used to find the woman in Chongqing asking for the girl annoying. I can understand if people use the riverside walkway starting point a lot. (There is a balcony starting point.)

But I’m starting to like the conversation she has with Agent 47. Usually when Agent 47 speaks to someone, it’s related to a mission story. I like that Agent 47 had a talk with a random npc who had nothing to do with the targets. I wish there was something like this in Sapienza




Tin foil hat man from Absolution, dirty carpet sales man from Gilded Cage, and the meat kings brother from Contracts.

The man who gets a job offer from Morgan in bangkok, I like to imagine that 47 is basically Patrick Bateman.

Hey, Paul!

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