Who was Providence's secret buyer at the IAGO auction?

In Colorado, the captured Herald in the basement says that Providence knew IAGO were a liability, “but they were more useful to us alive. This is why we always had someone present at their auctions, to buy whatever information we did not want out.”

So who do you think their secret buyer was at the IAGO auction in Paris? My money’s on Sir Humphrey Titus Rutherford, the representative from Schaeffer-Moore on the patio, since that company is the only known Providence asset present at the auction.


Oh I missed that. It would have been a nice bit of world building if a herald was there. Obviously the lapel pin wouldn’t make sense since they didn’t want anyone to know they were there and IAGO would have noticed if there was always a different person with a white birdie lapel pin at the auction.

But if it was the same name and face just a different outfit of a herald who later appears in the game that would have been fun. IOI could have just picked anyone at the auction and made them into a herald in Mendoza.


Agreed, the pin would’ve given something away. Though I personally think they’d have someone lower on the ladder than a Herald doing the bidding. Must’ve been a different person at each auction.

Mendoza would’ve been perfect to finally show who it was (even Kruger and Portman were supposed to appear there). Funnily enough, about a third of the auction bidders’ in Contracts mode are named for Marvel/DC comic characters–probably just IOI having some fun:

  • Carmine Falco
  • Edward Stark
  • Yelena Belova
  • Emil LaSalle
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