Why can't I play HITMAN in HITMAN 3?

So I own HITMAN (not the GOTY edition) and there isn’t an option to play it in HITMAN 3 (there isn’t a legacy pack for it). I own both games in Epic Games. Is there a way to fix this or should I pay the 30$ for the GOTY legacy pack?

No need for legacy pack. If you don’t own the other two, You have to buy “access pass”. If you do, they have to be accessible through campaigns/Hitman1 or destinations tab.

To merge games on Epic you need to have GOTY Edition of HITMAN 2016.
So you need either to buy an upgrade for your game or buy HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass directly for HITMAN 3


Such an stupid rule. Didn’t know that.

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There isn’t an option for the simple HITMAN. Only the the GOTY.

Agreed. But that’s how it is

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But if I upgrade it how will I import it in HITMAN 3 without installing the whole HITMAN GOTY in my pc?

I don’t own GOTY and I have access to its content in H3(PS4). Reversed in Epic.

Hitman GOTY access pass, not the whole game.

PS Store and Epic Store are slightly different things and have different politics…

I believe it’s enough for you to own things, the system should see you’re eligible without installing

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The access pass costs more than the upgrade. But if I upgrade will there be an option to download only the access pack?

Good for me then.


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Filling 20 char limit.

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