Why does IOI hate the working class

For real. There is no excuse for no saves being an optional “prestige” shit. I bought the seven deadly sins pack and I finally beat it and I feel stolen from. I loved the campaign because I work 12 hour shifts as a lineman keeping the power on and I could come home enjoy it and not waste a bunch of time redoing tedium for mandatory “realism”. It’s a game. The only point is to have fun why would they intensionally make it so tedious it’s barely playable, if at all If you don’t have time to devote to priorities other than video games. Same thing with freelancer. But at least we weren’t out another ten bucks lol.

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Nothing you’ve described is any different than any other corporation. IOI has only been independent for a few years now and the only product they’ve put out under those conditions has been Hitman 3 and all the content that has been added to it since. In order to pay the people who work on it, as well as manage the overall company and all the responsibilities that come with it, they need money from any source they can get. Don’t blame IOI, blame the system they’re forced to operate on.

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I blame them for not not making it playable for people who have like 20-30 mins at a time to play and enjoy, save and come back to it whenever, and not spend what little time they have replaying a bunch of the same missions and things because there’s no save option and if you have other things to do besides play a game that WAS probably one of the best I’ve ever played into a pleasure to play to a unenjoyable chore. I do blame them for making it mandatory. If someone has nothing else going and wants to have a mode where they CHOOSE the stipulations they have on freelancer so they can pretend the game is more real, sounds unhealthy to me but none of my business. Making it mandatory ruins it for everyone else. I can’t wait til the AI game creators make anyone who makes that call actually have to work for a living. As in the non repetitive manual labor that will be the last thing to be automated away. The jobs that keep the water flowing, garbage picked up, food in the store and on tables, and the electricity that allow people to play these games in first place is what they should end up doing. The actual important jobs that the rest can’t exist without. when they spend 12 hours a day doing that they’ll understand why a game that any video game that requires 36+ hours of gameplay to be enjoyable sucks no matter how good the rest of it is.

Not everything has to cater to you. I do in general believe that today there is an entitlement regarding content and how we the consumer expect it to be tailored for own needs. Not every side content In this trilogy of games holds any value for me and that’s alright. Personally I dislike the Escalations and freelancer mode.

In the end it is playable even for those with short amounts of time. Trial and error, master each level of escalation and continue on. The game does automatically save with each level of difficulty. The trial and error method is a cornerstone of the franchise and been so since the original game.

To be fair, 7 Deadly sins are part of the Escalation mode. All the information you needed to make an informed purchase was there, the DLC pack has been out for over 3 years now.


Why tf are you on the forum if you contribute nothing other than stanning the game creators and defending decisions that make them worse at their job since it makes the game less enjoyable to the point you say “end of the day it’s still playable” when it was a pretty great game? You literally are reiterating it is less enjoyable for you and for others.

That’s the point of options. So each user can tailor it to themselves instead of the creators tailoring it to one type and ruining it for everyone else. Especially in the areas they seem to devote the most resources to developing their product. Instead of three million decorations they could add that update to make the game more functional.

I got it after completing the campaign when it first came out and that’s my point. And deleted it off my console after I completed it because of how hard they dropped the ball. I played some of the campaign at a friends and recently replayed the campaign, really enjoyed it. Wish they’d make more of those instead of freelancer or really just add in saves. Don’t want them? Don’t use them. That takes nothing from the people who want to hit retry mission or escalate contract but really screws it if you play a healthy amount.

You’ve been here 3 hours; you’re not really in a position to be asking someone else why they’re on the forum. We’ve been here for years and have had contact with people who work at the company who inform us of what decisions are made and why. We understand more than the casual player as a result, and even when not satisfied with the results we get, we at least understand the kind of effort that goes into providing them in the first place.

Besides, the forum is for people to talk about the game and related subjects, whether it is defending the developers’ decisions or disagreeing with them, we are here to talk about it. If that’s not going to work for you, if you’re only on here to complain and looking only for people who will agree with you on those complaints, this place isn’t going to be for you. Take your complaints to IOI’s website and let them know directly what your concerns are.


First of all i’m on this forum because I’ve been a fan of the series since the first game came out, second of all i’m on this forum because I’ve been a member since 2011 and last but not least I’m a moderator of this forum. So to sum it all up, I care deeply about this place.

No i’m not defending a point that makes them as developers worse at their craft. I point out the entitlement that everything has to cater to everyone. As I stated personally I don’t like this mode, but a lot of people do and I’m happy for them. Saying that you feel “stolen” from due to not liking the product is entitlement at it’s finest.

The mode DLC is over 3 years old, built around an even older mode where manual saves aren’t part of the gameplay loop. It’s not IO-Interactive’s fault that you bought a DLC blindly.

If we create everything for everyone, you are left with some pretty bland products. Not food, not film, not games or books can be for everyone. Not everyone enjoys RPG’s or Stealth, each game and even game mode got it’s own identity. You just don’t like Escalations, just like me and that is fine. But a lot of others do and that’s pretty great.

Yet the campagine is done, the story is done. There isn’t more to tell inside this arch. They could always add more story content, but I rather they focus the main development on the next title in the series or the Bond game.

Again a large part of the fanbase enjoys freelancer and it’s what keeps them engaged with game 3 years past it’s conclusion. They could “just” add saves, but that means taking away resources from other parts of development and to be fair you are the first member I come across that has a problem with the save system or lack there off in freelancer. So it’s not even a priority, when it’s not really a feature people ask for. I rather see them add a fully functioning offline mode, something that is actually requested.

As a moderator I will ask you to discuss the calmly without getting worked up. This forum has a lot of diverse opinions, if you seek a echo chamber then this isn’t the forum you are looking for.


I thought this topic would be about many Freelancer targets being blue-collar workers and what that says about our society or something like that. :sweat_smile:


Honestly if you can’t get reservations to Dorsia on a Friday night to try the sea urchin ceviche, then you shouldn’t be allowed to play the WoA trilogy.


he is in the forum not in your house to judge him where he can be… most of people here they say we are here for many years … but they knew this title only from 2016

Yeah let’s pretend that they weren’t the one who started the “why are you even on this forum” inquiries lmao.

At topic: it’s perfectly fine to dislike something and voice that opinion, and it’s also fine to say what you’d change and why. It also matters how you say it. More and more people seem to not know that, and it makes discussion spaces unbearable at times.

Why would someone barge into a forum and scream about how IOI hates the working class and that a game mode was designed to discriminate people, instead of being level-headed enough to word their opinion in a way that encourages discussion? This isn’t a battlefield.

For the record, I said multiple times that I’d prefer a safe way to interrupt a Freelancer mission and return later, because yes, not everyone can play uninterrupted for as long as it takes to finish one contract. I think it’d be a good accessibility feature to add a (limited) save function.


This forum have existed since around 2002, it wasn’t created within the last 8 years. Which is also a long period of time for an active game forum. The release of HITMAN in 2016 isn’t where this forums history even began. This forum have existed at least for 22 years, a lot of members have come and gone. Some from back in it’s creation are still here. Like I said, I been part of this forum for 13 years by now and lurking (before signing up) since 2007.


Game mechanics I don’t like and overpriced DLC == class warfare

Absolutely unhinged and easily the most idiotic thing I’ve read on this forum. Anyone engaging with this drivel is demeaning themselves.


Yes, what you say is true, but the problem is when someone joins or just knows this community, and when he start expressing his opinion he is suppressed on the pretext that he is new and cannot express his opinion here

Touching grass could help in that case.

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i agree what he said 7 Deadly sins dlc it was a failure addition from the beginning. With all due respect to the effort, but most of hitman players did not expect something like this. and most of those who bought it they feel robbed. because after getting suits and items there is no way to play it again and do the same thing again and again

That’s cool, but that has nothing to do with what I said?

They didn’t have to buy 7DS if they don’t like that type of mission. I bought it when it was first announced, and I don’t feel robbed. No-one forced me to buy it. If I hadn’t wanted to buy it, I wouldn’t have bought it. That’s an option. Even if you love Hitman, you don’t have to buy every single thing that’s on the store.

His opinion wasn’t supressed. He decided to join a forum, not to discuss the merit of this argument, but to rant and throw a tantrum. Calming that IO hates the working class, that IO “stole” his money and going of on a tangent regarding the importance of his job, which I do believe is important. Yet used it as an argument into why is entitlement his justified.

It’s not a problem to join a forum, to discuss subjects in a clam and rational fashion. However when you are in a defensive state of mind from the very start and can’t handle different opinions, well then simply one should think long and hard if this is the right forum. Plenty of us here on HMF don’t agree with each other, but the majority of the forum can do so calmly. This isn’t an echo chamber and If one believe that’s the experience you will get here, you are gravely mistaken.

and to put it simply, if this “debate” can’t be handled civilly. I’ll just close the thread. Then it serves no higher function on this forum.


OP might want to check out the contracts mode. No saving, but bite size if he’s pressed for time.


I’d apologize for the clickbait title and inflammatory language, but I provided pretty concise and respectful feedback here and a few years ago before I deleted it last time and was roundly ignored.

To all the “I’ve been on this forum for a decade” and “this is the first time I’ve heard that feedback” folks are also who I’m talking to. Most people, especially folks who work, barely have time to play the game let alone go online and post 1,000 comments till they get a response. This is the first game I’ve actually enjoyed a game enough to comment on a forum or provide any feedback beyond just deleting the game and avoiding content from that developer in the future. And that’s how most other folks would respond if they begin disliking the game.

And again, it’d be great if they remembered they were making a game and HAVING to redo a bunch of things through careful trial and error doesn’t feel like an “added challenge” like most of the way they add challenge when going up in the difficulty setting. It turns it to a tedious and annoying chore you’re glad to be done with.

I might be going crazy or smoking crack or something, but a save button takes nothing away from the current freelancer game play because if you do have the ample leisured time to restart from scratch you don’t have to use it. If it’s not there the everyone who wants to can’t . Only one of those options is exclusive and that’s the one they went with.