Why does killing npcs doesnt feel wrong?

Like yeah i know hitman is a videogame but still some videogames made feel wrong when killing npcs like for example spec ops the line and red dead redeption 2 made me feel wrong when killing npc but not hitman and i dont know why is that the case

RDR2’s honour system probably has something to do with it. It’s been a while since I played it, but weren’t there also indirect punishesments like higher prices at stores if you had a bad reputation?


The main reason for me is because Hitman plays like a timeloop, a groundhog situation.

Even if I take an NPCs out, they are one reset away from normal. It’s also why I actually feel bad about it when I try to do a “canon” run, one I feel good about in-universe.


What is a canon run is to do SASO or what is ezactly a canon run

I know that in the Hitman games that Silent Assassin or Silent Assassin/Suit Only is accepted canon, I (about 20 years ago) came from playing the Medal of Honor games (where the goal is to kill all enemy NPCs, or at least as many as possible). Also, Hitman was a stand in for Postal 2 until I got newer laptops a few years ago (and a gaming PC a couple of years ago). And Postal 2 is a game that there’s no incentive to not take out all NPCs (rude, nasty, often crooks or insane).

Not to mention that Hitman NPCs were never that smart, no matter when the games got made. Enemy NPCs especially seem often to be thick as pigcrap. Not to mention that they have ties to the target on each mission, and are often criminals themselves.

I meqn dude no offense but postal 2 literaly incetivr you into killing thr npc like the game proterst from the frist day and the game throw you into shot outs like the fighr whit the butchers

I did mention that Postal 2 gives little incentive to playing the pacifistic route, though it’s possible and you do get an achievement for it. In fact, P2 is about the only game I can name off the top of my head that’s a shooter where you can get though at least the base game without harming anyone or anything. Not that you’re given much incentive to.

As mentioned, most NPCs are rude and mean spirited at best, or psychotic, violent lunatics at worst.

And I do have to say that in the Hitman games I’ve played (SA, Contacts, WOA), it’s often not only the targets that don’t get sympathy from me. Their guards and entourage have to know that they’re dealing with assholes, and the Hitman games, especially the WOA and Absolution (but even Silent Assassin) doesn’t pull punches with how the player is supposed to feel about the target NPCs for sure.

Of course, for those who do indulge in kill everyone or kill all enemy/armed NPCs, the hit and miss AI does play into this as well, as even at times guards and such will be as thick as pigshit.

Like the mission Whittleton Creek from the WOA. It’s not just Janus and Cassidy who get it from me unless I feel like playing SA or SASO. The whole town seems to give off a creepy Stepford Wives vibe.

Why would you ever feel bad about doing something in a videogame

because good art makes you experience emotions


I think they mean something like kill mission targets in the “intended” way, like Jasper with the plane seat, since it kinda means their death actually happened this way in most of the “time loops”.

Personally there are a few NPCs I really dislike killing, like Penelope Graves, Sebastian Sato or the hobos in Chongqing. On the other hand there are a few that I pretty much mess with on any occasion I’m not doing a SA run, like the Sapienza / Ambrose fishermen that I like throwing into the water in a variety of ways :smiley:

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I don’t deny that, but we’re talking about selfselected actions you do for giggles in videogames. Like killing annoying npcs for fun. I don’t think anyone should feel bad for playing with AI within a game world.

You know, they don’t actually die.

Well, for me, it is the wrong thing. Killing NPCs does not make sense, especially if you are a Hitman. I am not killing guards in Freelancer only because the game says so. They are only doing their job, and I see no reason to kill anyone apart from targets. That is the way of Hitman.


people don’t actually die in movies but you can still feel sad when it happens? i don’t understand how you’re confused about the concept of having an emotional reaction to a video game


Furthermore, it’s bad for business. That dead NPC could have been your target in a future contract.

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Yea no ofense but at the end of the chapter 6 of rdr2 we all cry and those persons are mot real

I think you guys reading comprehension is limited or something. We werent talking about story related deaths in movies or in rdr?

Go have a little fun and murder some npcs