Why does Sal Falcone think you're suspicious in a public place?

I’m wearing my default suit in a public place, where nobody thinks you’re “suspicious”, but Sal Falcone thinks you’re suspicious (as if you were wearing a disguise). Is this a bug, does he just have a bug up his ass, or both?

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Not a bug, it’s his design, he’s a universal enforcer.

Story wise it’s because he’s a private detective. And I’m certain we could have grand arguments on how much it make sense for him to be suspicious of 47 in universe.

So, more importantly : gameplay wise he’s part of a story mission where you need to take his clothes for disguise.
And for that he is designed to be tailed in public for a relative long time, something that would be interesting only if he is an enforcer.
That’s the main gimmick and difficulty of the otherwise quite easy story mission. And it’s rather unique in the WoA.


The idea is that being an experienced private detective makes him notice anybody who’s tailing him or eavesdropping on his private conversations.


He certainly makes more sense storywise than that random enforcer in Paris