Why is a sniper rifle legal to carry as a guard now?

it seems to have happened after the Ambrose island launch. this doesn’t just happen on Ambrose now it happens in all levels now. i was doing a contract in Berlin that required me to kill with a sniper rifle. when i pulled it out as a biker i thought i’d have to stuff it back in but nope. could carry the thing on my back the entire time. is it a buggy oversight or an intentional game change? cause i didn’t mind the sniper rifle being illegal as a guard. just meant you had to take it in a briefcase with ya.


Isn’t there a biker sniper on that map though? Can you carry it legally in any other maps as a guard?

I tried out using sniper rifle on Mendoza as Gaucho Guard and it was still illegal. Also tried with the guard disguise of the guards near the Chill Out start in Berlin, still illegal.

Keep in mind that these things were always a little glitchy, to this day it is possible to carry around a sniper legally as a guard in The Icon (this has been true since Hitman 3 came out at least).


Bikers have always been allowed to carry a sniper. Berlin doesnt equal all levels


Bikers are allowed to carry sniper from the launch of the game, so as the mercenaries in Mendoza.
I don’t know if it’s disigned or it’s a glitch. Maybe they are allowed because there’s Agent Tremain in Berlin and Yate’s sniper squad in Mendoza. They can use sniper rifle, so their disguise can too? But the Kashmirian disguise can‘t let 47 carry a rifle legally. Perhaps that’s because Kashmirian is a civilian disguise so no weapons are legal?


well then i guess we’ve had these details hidden in plain sight.

THe Ghost sniper is allowed and has been for months

The Head of Security in Mendoza used to be able to carry a sniper rifle. Now that disguise isn’t allowed to carry ANY weapons. Not sure if that was intentional or accidental while making patching carrying a sniper to be illegal.