Why not add a real barcode to 47's head?

I mean, there’s a barcode to the back of 47’s head, but when I try to scan it with my phone nothing happened.

What if you put a real barcode there which leads you the official website of hitmanforum.com?

This is probably known by a few, but it seems like the (I guess) original bar code was and read for… an adult “toy”? Why IOI used it? I can’t imagine why.

Really. I could swear that’s what I read somewhere. If that’s not correct then I apologize. Haha. Blame the internet, not me.


Yes at some point it did supposedly lead to a purchasable dildo toy if you were to scan it, though I cannot say I have tried.

Just to note by the way, this is a privately run fan forum with some members that are employees at IO-Interactive :wink:


It’s called humor. even when its probably a bit childish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was lore for Dr Ort-Meyer.

He really supported the sex toy industry.


Barcodes only translate to numeric data. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what, I always thought the extended serial number of 47 was also in the bar code?

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