Why not give a tuxedo with gloves

Why not give a tuxedo with gloves. They gave in sipienza. And then why not?

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There is no answer

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Perhaps the developers will wake up and fix it. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow we’ll find out soon.


I was surprised when I didn’t get the suit as well.

The challenge for completing an elusive target in Paris isn’t appearing in the list of challenges either which is the challenge you need to complete to get the suit. If you look at the Sapienza and Isle of Sgàil elusive target challenges you will see that challenge for that location.

Hopefully IO can put the challenge back in the game and it unlocks for those who have already done it.

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Yep… i was suprissed too.:confused:

Also, where are the REST of our Paris suits, IOI? We’re waiting!




they added the challenge now to the menu with the reward ‘tuxedo with gloves’ suit.
but we already killed the target and there’s no way to redo it!

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If it is so, I bet those who already killed a target will be awarded after target departs like it was with HITMAN 2 Elusive Targets


already passed the goal and did not give it offensively

well, nothing terrible even more 5 goals will be

I assume those who completed this target before the fix should have to wait till target departs and then they will be awarded with their well-deserved suits


I think we have to wait for the new patch to get the reward.


maybe since the challenge appeared. well and update after 6 days

Update from IOI: If you’ve completed the Black Hat Elusive Target and did not receive the Tuxedo with Gloves, we will add it to your profile shortly after the mission expires.

The challenge is in the game now and will unlock properly for anyone that hasn’t played it yet.