Why was my Maelstrom topic made private?

I didn’t get to view the reply to it yet :frowning: I’d like to read that first before you do that.

I believe @SilentWraith moved it and provided the reply:

I would personally recommend that if you wanted to discuss it specific to the topic then start by sharing what you know in more clear, concrete terms then ask if people know more, what gaps to fill, etc. It does seem like possibly a massive amount of information to just be chucking out as a casual question.


Sorry you didn’t see my reply, that was my mistake :sweat_smile:

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Where is that thread forum wise? Is it in the lounge too? I think maybe a thread for target routes for each map could be useful for a more broader topic.


The thread got recategorised into purgatory, it’s a category that only regulars can see. This is done to keep the main page of the forum less cluttered.

A thread with all the targets routes would definitely be welcome :slight_smile:

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It’s debatable whether this question warrants a thread of its own, but it is specific enough and about a current Hitman map to deserve more than a post in “ask HMF anything”.


Generally, if you have a question that can be replied to with a closing answer, the thread had been better a post somewhere else.

Threads try to provide a place for discussions in general.

Sure one can create a thread about discussing routes of multiple targets. It is just not what that thread was about.