Wicker man expanded idea and greatest mission of all

I don’t know if anyone from ioi reads the forum, I have a suggestion and also a question for anyone.

What is the greatest challenge of them all? For me

Colorado, I know many hate it but I loved it. Because it has the best challenge of all, you can even say best exit to

Wicker man challenge!!! why? After hitting the 4 bells as the scarecrow, you can burn everyone. Just get close to anyone and bye bye. Also after feeding the dragon the bike becomes a dragon and 47 exit is hilarious easily best exit ever.

Expansion, I was wondering for other maps or all of them adding a wicker type challenge where you become the reaper. It could be other elements, lightning, or whatever.

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The Wickerman feat should be accompanied by an eclipse, then either some high winds (making the trees wave and the wind whistling/howling), or a creepy fog/haze like in Orson’s nightmare should roll in. Maybe it’d be similar to what happens in Haven Island (but without the blue filter). The burning bodies would illuminate the darkness, and the eclipse doesn’t end until everyone has been burned.

I know many people hate Colorado, but I would side with you on this. I really like that map. Not necessarily because it is challenging, but because there is so much to do.

However, I’m not sure if I want to see challenges similar to Wickerman on other maps as well. I think having it on just one map makes it even more special.
If you are on PC you could try a mod like this: Fire Suit at Hitman 3 Nexus - Mods and community It has a similar effect :wink:

I agree with the fire theme, but on some of the other maps not all, but Haven, something with water.

Hawkes Bay, Thunder, and like a Ride the lightning thing.

Isle of Sgail it surrounded by water perhaps a tidal wave after helicopter exit or something.