Will My laptop run Hitman 3

Lenovo V14-IIL - 14" - Core i5 1035G1 - 8 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD

Will it run Hitman 3 without issues

I think we need more info. What sort of graphics does that have? Also, what does “without issues” mean? The game may run great at lower visual levels but poorly at higher. Without knowing what video card you’re running, hard to say.

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  • Graphics

Intel UHD Graphics

  • Operating System

Windows 11 Home

I am no expert, but I would bet you can run the game, just not at the best settings.

by without issues I mean no stuttering, no freezing up. and no overheating my PC

What I am looking to run it on is, whatever would give the smoothest play without it looking like something from the 70s

I have a Core-i5 @ 2.9 Ghz. I am running 40 GB of memory but my video card is just an Nvidia 1660 Super. The game runs perfectly fine on my computer. You don’t have the dedicated video so I’d defer to someone else that has the integrated graphics you have, but in my experience, the memory did more for me than the video card did.

this one has 8 GB ram out of the box, can add more to a max of 20 GB Ram

To run I’m sure it will run but on the lowest settings possible.
I have a gaming laptop with GTX 1060 and playing Hitman 2 it overheats like crazy with settings near max.
Some years back I had a Samsung ultrabook i7 with intel graphics and it had huge problems to run Absolution, a game that back in years. So… I assume Hitman 3 might be the same if not worse.

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Usually built-in GPUs are not that powerful, so I bet you couldn’t squeeze the best graphics settings out of the game, but you should be able to play at least on medium settings.
And you always can consider Stadia or GeForce NOW (cloud gaming) for the best experience even on your smartwatch


I used to have a GTX 750 back in the day and I could barely play Hitman 2 at lowest settings and 1280x720 resolution, and I wouldn’t expect a worse graphics card to do any better with a newer, more demanding title. It is possible that the game won’t even start.

Why don’t you try the free starter pack first though? That’s what I would do were I in your position.

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No. Stock CPU graphics can barely run simple games like minecraft, let alone a graphics intensive game like H3.

My N.1 recommendation would be to use the stadia as it’s really just a streaming platform so in theory you could use it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection

If you really want to play H3 on your laptop you can’t really get one of those external GPU’s during this shortage so honestly the only way currently to play on your laptop would be to either once again, get the stadia or make a simple PC build using a mini ITX board, a ryzen 7 5600g and 16gb of ram. It’s the best you can get atm for a low budget, but it runs really well with no GPU.


Actually running Minecraft on max settings (32 chunks terrain generation) is way more computationally expensive than H3 on highest - my machine can do the latter, but not the former.