Will the Elusive Target time-limited rewards in H1 and H2 return in H3?

I’m referring to all the unlocks listed on this page here. Will these rewards be re-earnable in Hitman 3? I played H1 and H2 on Steam but will be playing H3 on Xbox Series X. My understanding of IOI’s pre-launch guide is that my unlocks won’t carry over to a different platform.

This is the problem with time-limited content. Devs are locking people out of content based on arbitrary rules and restrictions. Not to mention the people just now diving into this great series. (Also making it a one-and-only chance type of event is itself problematic, but that’s already been discussed to death at this point.)

In addition to the unique suits, it looks like there were also gadgets tied to a couple of the ETs, including Lil’ Flashy (a flash grenade disguised as a toy robot), Explosive Pen, and the three Performance Coins (distraction device). I didn’t manage to snag these in the earlier titles so would love another go at them, in addition to the exclusive suits. I hope that in the end IOI will make this content available permanently for those who missed out when the time-limited events in question were active, even if they were to come in the form of a premium downloadable pack. To me, it seems like such a waste to lock the majority of your community out of content you spent time and resources designing.

Lastly, it’s also unclear to me how all of these various items and exclusive unlocks will work across the three games? Since you can play H1 and H2 within the H3 launcher, will these suits/items be both forward and backward-compatible? For instance, if you have the Black Winter Suit from H2, can you equip it while playing H1 and H3 levels, or can it only be used in H2 levels?

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All suits and items can be used on any level in the trilogy within H3.

And they have said that there are changes to Elusive Targets… which mean that ETs will be back. And I think it’s reasonable to assume that the ET suit rewards from the first two games will be rewards again. At the very least I can’t imagine them not giving people who didn’t transfer progress (or are coming late or switched platforms) an opportunity to unlock the location suits. (And I know I want my Undying Suit back. :pleading_face:)

Given that the Black Winter Suit and Performance Coins weren’t available to unlock in H2, I doubt that they’ll be available in H3.

Of course, we won’t know anything for sure until IO outlines their post-launch plans.


A H3 ET unlock I thought of was that outfit 47 wears in the Cutscenes for Dubai

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Given that the Black Winter Suit and Performance Coins weren’t available to unlock in H2

BWS was a H2 suit, no, per the link I included in OP?

The Black Winter Suit was a reward for people who had completed an Elusive Target in Hitman 2016, so it wasn’t unlockable for people (like me) who started after the run of elusive targets in the first game.

(Though the plain old Winter Suit was an unlockable for completing 5 Elusive Targets in Hitman 2 with an SA rating.)

I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t bring that one back if they bring back other legacy suits from the first two games in the trilogy.

I’m not saying they couldn’t, just that it seems unlikely.