Will there be a second half of year 4 for hitman 3?

the current roadmap only lasts about half the year. surely they’re going to do something for the second half. right? there would probably be more elusive target reactivations (maybe for some of the ones that have yet to be reactivated since year 1, as well as the drop?) there could even be elusive target galore 2 in december! there could be some new items, and maybe they could release the console-exclusive suits on all platforms? overall, i hope this happens, and if it does, i’m excited to see what’s to come.


For starters there will be new Elusive Target.
Hope not the last one.
And don’t be in a hurry. Developers never ditched the game half-way.
So there will definetely be second half of Year 4. But it’s not yet time for it.
Another question is that probably Year 4 will be the last one in terms of game support.
Though I would like to hope for Year 5


As you can see from the below post from @Combatglue a few months ago, there is more to come for the rest of the year! :grin:

This current roadmap covers up to June, so it’s a possibility the next roadmap covers the remainder of the year, but I can’t see it personally. I think it will revert back to the seasonal format, that being Summer, Autumn and Winter roadmap, which will cover Year 4 content for the remainder of the year.


Well, I can say that there is more then one roadmap coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Combatglue, as a superfan of Hitman, I have one request for Freelancer.

Install of a RESTART button in normal, but not hardcore mode, or add it as an OPTION in the option menu.

Some of us periodically RESTART during Freelancer, because of major screwups. It is a pain to have to close and restart the game.

Loving these hints! :wink::grin:


Can i say that your way of teasing is quenching my thirst pretty well. I’ll sit patiently until new things are unveiled.

May i request one thing? A little update on the photo mode on Ps/Xbox so we can record scenes without any information on screen, it’s really lacking.


I feel Freelancer wasn’t considered like restartable mode.
We wouldn’t have had any failures then.
And the whole idea of it would’ve been ruined and it wouldn’t exist at all

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I get the risk / reward incentive to have a real failure state.

I have instantly blown myself up and shot by an assassin once. So far ~ 4 times I failed a campaign which is enough failure for me so far …

I do play out when things don’t go as planned sometimes, but would have less fun if I had to follow through with a failure state when I can avoid it.

So, from a practical reality standpoint, a restart button would be useful.

I will keep playing Freelancer and try to fill out all the achievements…while restarting sometimes. You get better skilled at it, the more you play it, and become familiar with the maps. It helps to have completed all the Feature Contracts.

I don’t think Freelancer is achievable for those who haven’t completed most of the other Hitman content, because it requires a lot of accumulated knowledge through gameplay.


Yes, and that’s why unexperienced player should complete at least the whole mission story once (better doing all the mission story challenges first) to gain knowledge of how game works and then try Freelancer.
But on the other hand, playing Freelancer first will open the WoA from a different angle and approach and you will also gain knowledge and experience, just using a backdoor