Will There Be Any Player Curated Contract Batches in Year 3?

This question is directed to any IOI staff on the forum / any player that has a connection to an IOI staff on the Forum, specifically Travis and Clemens, I don’t want to @ any of them but if anyone else wants to @ them, go ahead.

+ If you are asking yourself, IOI, if we want more curated batches, then the answer is yes, yes we do, the only curated batches we had in Hitman 3 were made by Frote’s Server (I was 1 vote away from being featured) and our beloved mod Urben, so yeah, we want more curated batches.


My personal feeling is that if we’ll get Year 3, it will be all around Featured Contracts and no more.
But it’s only my feeling and I hope it’s wrong, because if we get another year of support, I want to see all usual stuff with new unlocks, perhaps bonus missions, another batch or two of Arcade and a loads more of new Elusive Targets.
And yes, the revival of the Ghost Mode of course.
Because as I’m aware, Sniper Assassin multiplayer is still online despite of extremely high rate of unpopularity and announcement of its discontinuation alongside with Ghost Mode.
But GM has been killed off and SA is still alive.
Strange thing


Year 2 Roadmaps were most of the year pretty much:

  • ET Reactivations
  • Featured Contracts
  • ET Arcades

I can’t see any reason they’d change it for Year 3.
Of course that sometimes we had pleasent surprises, but for the most of Year 2, it was pretty much it.

We all want Ghost Mode back, it was a fun mode.

Even if they took SnA out of the game I wouldn’t notice, that much not my type.


If Sniper Assassin actually counted accidents, if there was no timer and the guards and targets had more opportunities to eliminate them. It would be good or at least better

+ Not needing to complete the mission like a 1000 times to get to mastery level 20.


Ah and that :joy:

that really needs sorting

The chances of this being correct is almost zero tbh.

H1 and H2 both had a period after the live content was “done” where there were ET reactivations alongside the final FC batches. There is no reason to assume that H3 would be any different and would only get the FCs.

Fixed for you :slight_smile:

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Given that Hitman 2016 and 2 at the end of their life cycles had Curated Contracts, it’s very likely that they’ll return for Hitman 3’s end-of-life. I’d say at the very minimum in Year 3 there will be FCs, ET reactivations, and new ET Arcades. Maybe even some “new” activations of ETs that have appeared in the Arcade but not as proper ETs (The Prince, The Pharmacist, The Identity Thief, The Angel of Death, The Blackmailer, The Paparazzo, The Chef, The Warlord and The Sensation).

One good thing about the ET Arcade is it provides IO with a way to have more post-launch content with very little effort. There’s 39,270 possible permutations of Arcade contracts they could make, and that’s not even considering all the different complications. They wouldn’t even need to put in the effort of designing new things to unlock, there’s still quite a few unused items/suits in the files that they could give as rewards. I’ll end this with the obligatory message of I’ll gladly take anything more substantial than this in Year 3.


If so, I hope they go back to giving us unlocks after completing so many FCs. There’s still some things in the main game that will be unlockable for use in Freelancer but not during regular play that I’d like to have, and Freelancer, Arcade, and FCs will be the best only ways left of getting them, such as the Hackl Covert, HWK covert we see in Freelancer, the Black Lily Mk III (Bloodballer), and some suits we’ve all be asking for (Subject 47, Tactical Turtleneck with gloves).

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Or have both, eh, eh?

I think there will be some sort of year 3 otherwise will we not get more freelancer contracts or is what we get from the release, all we get and the mode will be untouched?

So based on that, I think some sort of year 3 will be released where we would get more freelancer contracts, ETA, FCs and perhaps something else like a challenge pack and/or escalation.

I just can’t see freelancer being a drop n run kinda thing. It should get some sort of attention and addition for a bit.

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I want re-release of all escalations from Hitman 2016, Hitman 2…


I can. It was supposed to launch in the first half of 2022 and have content added to it over the second half of the year. Because of the delays, we’re just getting all the planned content at once.

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We’re getting all the maps available for it at once. Unless that’s all they were planning on, that hardly counts as all content at once.


There’s still potential for quite a lot of stuff that they could add to Freelancer post-launch: expanding to include the various bonus missions as potential locations, new cosmetics, new challenges (the ones in the CTT seem fairly generic), new items added to the mode (like new reskinned item sets or other weapons from the game that aren’t in the mode already), incorporating the more involved requests from the CTT feedback, etc.

Every single gamemode released in the trilogy has had at least one update post-launch: Contracts mode was expanded to more and more locations, Sniper Assassin got two additional maps, the ET Arcade has been changed a ton, even Ghost Mode got an update adding Santa Fortuna and some other tweaks.

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It’s my birthday so for once I’m allowed to break the rules…

@Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI Will there be any Player Curated Contract Batches in Year 3?


I want coop mode but if ghost mode does return i would love it

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