Will you buy the Access for Hitman 2 or will you wait?

Buying or waiting
  • I’ll wait
  • I’m buying the Access

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I’m still installing Hitman 3, though I’ll wait. Not only because I’ll be busy with Hitman 3’s Levels for the next couple Days and Weeks, but also because I don’t want to buy a Game twice, when I don’t have to.

If it was priced cheaper than it currently is I’d probably bite the bullet and get it soon, but at it’s current (sale) price; not a chance.

Can’t believe IOI and Epic thought buying it again at this price would be okay, they could have at least made it cheaper than full retail cost for the game (plus sale)

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It’s free for me.

No way im going to pay $99.99 for all the hitman 2 levels when yesterday they where $24.99, i waited because that was for the full hitman 2 gold ps4 game i and i just wanted the level access not the full ps4 game.

I wouln’t have bought hitman 3 if i knew this.

Everyone: No, we’ll get free in a few Weeks anyway.

@Hekser: My Goals are beyond your understanding.

I actually missclicked. I didn’t know you could change your vote, I’m new to this all, sorry. Btw, I already had the access pass from prior games. :flushed:

i guess they wont provide existing owners, access to hitman2 season pass for free until this access pass sale is over so that whoever cant wait wil buy the access pass during the sale and they could get more money from players. so, who ever buys during this period are willing to pay and ‘not forced’ directly by IOI

What pisses me is that we could buy hitman 2 gold for ps4 for $24 yesterday and get the levels.

I didn’t puchases it because i didn’t want to download the complete hitman 2 just to get the levels that are already in the hitman 3 files and i rather unlock them inside hitman 3 with an access pass. But today they remove the discount for hitman 2 gold and sell the access pass at the same price of hitman 2 for ps4 at full price.

Unlike hitman 1 access pass for hitman 2 that was 19.99