Wine bottles and different drinks around maps should create puddles when dropped or thrown

This idea would be great, it would make electricity kills so much easier, but not to the point where it becomes overpowered. Please appeal this idea in the comments and explain your reasoning


I don’t know, creating a electricity kill anywhere on the map could be a bit OP. But if it acted like water spills and NPCs who see it try to clean it up then yeah, I could see that being a feature.

We’ve already had portable electricity kills in the form of the electrophone so I’m not sure it would break too many contracts, but that’s always a concern


It would be interesting if additionally NPCs attempt to clean the puddles like they do at sinks. Then you can use them also as long-term distractions. I already used that to keep a sick NPC a bit longer inside at his toilet.


Great minds :wink:

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I think it would be abit OP, but i’m all for a spillage unlock, because you’d have to bring a device for electrocution and that’s both inventory spots gone, also it should be illegal to spill so it doesn’t make it easy


Haha i mean pouring it, which would look suspicious, it shouldn’t do anything if dropped, it should be water in a plastic bottle :laughing:

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since wine bottles got added as melee weapons in Mendoza, and the recent update to sent me back to unlock the training gear for completing the Final Test, I was disappointed to find the bottle of vodka in that mission couldn’t be equipped as a melee weapon. i wasn’t expecting it to be, but as soon as i picked it up in game, i thought, “this would be great to hit people with.” bit dissapointing, but i’m sure switching it from just an “inventory item” to a melee weapon, could potentially break some scripting for the mission story that nobody at IOI has looked at in a very long time.

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Aside from balancing issues, there probably would not be enough liquid in such bottles to create a puddle anyway, plus the force of the impact would spread the liquid out too much.