Witnesses mechanics

I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out the games mechanics. Things like what causes NPCs to go into combat mode or how to manipulate targets, distractions, etc. One thing I cant figure out is the witness system that comes with the “no witnesses” objective.

You would assume a witness is someone who turns orange to you. But that’s not necessarily true. You can have people who aren’t orange but are still witnesses. The strangest phenomenon I experience is when I kill all the witnesses so my counter is zero, go hide in a box and somehow my witness counter starts climbing again while I’m hidden!. And I’ve sure we’ve all went on a killing spree just to find that one last witness which can never be found.

Does anyone have any more insight on “witnesses” maybe some advice on how to figure out who is a witness if they aren’t orange. How does the witness system work when detected by cameras? Does it go to the guard in the closet security evidence room? How can you start getting more witnesses when you’ve killed all the witnesses? This is the only thing that confuses me in FL, well this and “arrange a meeting”


Maybe if they could highlight witnesses as yellow instead of orange. OR perhaps put a new type of marker over their head (thinking of those with color vision limitations).

Take Mendoza for example where you’re going to go to the villa and by either of the 2 sets of guards. Take one step too far past a checkpoint to have that ‘trespassing’ status right as you fill in the prompt to receive a frisk. But you were in the viewcone of a waiter off to the side or behind you that you did not see as you were approaching to get frisked. So you have to watch who goes by the guards and figure out who it may be. Which is just more tedious things to clean up.

I don’t know. Maybe not having a way to know who it is is that much more of a penance to pay for your momentary lapse in judgment. “You want those few hundred :merces: - work for 'em!”

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I get and like the fact that 47 might not know who witnessed him do something illegal (ie not go orange) but even if they are still white they should react to 47 if they see him again in the same outfit. As it is now you can have NPCs who are “witnesses” that completely ignore you after they calm down. They should at least go enforcer status. It would make more sense logically and be better gameplay wise.

Also allow a way to kill people inside containers!

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Honestly, I think all witnesses are meant to show up orange. But it doesn’t seem to work like that sometimes. One reason is that guards, who are on to you, can telepathically inform other guards, even if those other guards are miles away from your current location. That might explain why there are witnesses, that you can’t see right away. Still, I sometimes get witnesses that don’t show up in orange at all. My best guess would be, that Freelancer and this objective in particular still have some bugs, that cause this.

The strangest phenomenon I experience is when I kill all the witnesses so my counter is zero, go hide in a box and somehow my witness counter starts climbing again while I’m hidden!

This definitely sounds like a bug in the game to me. I have no other explanation.

Since you also mentioned the “Arrange a Meeting” objective. This one definitely doesn’t work all the time. When it works for me, I can use any phone and the objective is checked off a second after putting the phone down. But I also had missions where I literally tried every phone (from every leader) and didn’t get the objective.

Let’s hope these things get fixed soon.

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My impression is that they only turn orange when they compromise your disguise. When you are spotted trespassing and escorted out by a guard or when spotted by an enforcer, anyone in range of the enforcer npc that is calling you and running after you will be a witnesses and have an exclamation mark (!) above their head but not turn orange until they compromise your disguise.

That begs another question, at what point do NPCs blow your disguise? What illegal acts don’t blow your disguise? Trespassing? Picking a lock?