World of Assassination 2024 teaser

World of Assassination 2024 teaser

We are looking forward to bringing you plenty more of HITMAN throughout 2024, so stay tuned for more announcements.

With the end of 2023 approaching fast, HITMAN’s Winter Roadmap will soon come to a close. It has been another wonderful year of Hitman with among others, the realization of the World of Assassination, the introduction of the celebrated Freelancer mode or the electric appearance of Dimitri Vegas as new Elusive Target, Alexios Laskaridis. But with every ending comes a new beginning, so let’s take a closer look at what’s to come next for HITMAN:

We have good news to share as 2024 will also bring its fair share of content, with new updates, Elusive Targets and Challenges set to be added in the upcoming year.

Christmas Content

In the meantime, Christmas is on the horizon, and you will be able to celebrate in style with the beautiful Cozy Christmas Suit. The Gift that Keeps on Giving Challenge has been up and running since the 7th of December in Holiday Hoarders.

For those looking for an even more elegant look during the festivities, you will be able to unlock the Snow Festival suit by playing the Hokkaido Snow Festival, returning from December 21st onwards for all players.

Finally, you will be joined by estimated guests for the end of the year celebrations, with the Elusive Target Galore coming December 22nd. For this event, we will be re-activating a range of Year 3 Elusive Targets over the Holiday period giving you a chance to catch up on any Targets you may have missed.

Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal

If you do not have your fill with the World of Assassination, you can also go on a trip down memory lane with the newly released Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal, available on iOS and Android since November 30th.

Developed and published by Feral Interactive, Reprisal brings the renowned series classic Hitman: Blood Money to players on the move with the addition of numerous modern gameplay options, including an Instinct mode inspired by World of Assassination. Nintendo Switch players can also look forward to getting their hands on Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal in late January.


Not a lot in the post. Mostly a repeat of the roadmap. But it confirms that new content will happen in 2024.

The only important part being :


I would very much like to hear “new mission/map/mini-campaign” :crossed_fingers: (or some nice Freelancer updates), but this is good news regardless.


Color me intrigued. Especially if such content includes certain suits and weapons I’ve been waiting to be made accessible for a long time, as well as permanent ET access, Freelancer with no objectives, offline playability with all content, and perhaps, if they can find the time for it, new missions to take place on altered maps, such as a Special Assignment in Drop-altered Berlin.


They should do a special event to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of ignoring the saving bug on ps5


I’m glad that woa is still getting something next year hope we can maybe update contracts mode to have the hitman 2 bonus mission maps or the mills reverie and Berlin egg hunt


Are those guests under or over estimated? :smirk:

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What do they mean with an “old friend who can join you on the go”?


Probably the blood money port


Yeah I understand it now…

They had me in the first half, not gonna lie :sob:


First : the lack of Oxford Comma hurts me.

Quite happy for the new challenges.
(wait to let me be disappointed that it’s just Y4 ETs challenges, hyped for the sprit, not the cold letter of the teaser.
Is this why the Oxford comma is not present, they are not separate items but the two sides of one and the same content ?
It’s conspiracy time. :wink: :crazy_face:

Especially after the surprise of the Christmas Jumper this month. For almost the entirety of 2023, the challenges unlocks were all already in the game data since 2022, and so were some of the challenges thumbnails.
The Jumper was not. It makes me hope that more surprise will come. I mean there are a bunch of items/suits in the data I want to see. And they will certainly be a large part of the 2024 unlocks.
But, sometimes, I like seeing some new, new items. It feels more proper ? agreeable ? living ?

Also : the COIN

The Elusive Targets are at best meh. At worst just let it rest, please.
Unless some new ones like the Drop are made. Or release the old ones permanently one at a time during the whole year.
If it’s FOMO Y4 ETs, I would honestly be disappointed.

(then IOI will agreeably surprise me with a revoiced/recast/rights renegotiated for the Undying)

We will see.
(I will be waiting for the brand synergy with a 007 themed challenge/content when the game gets revealed this year though)


New content for 2024, let’s goooo


If there are actually multiple new Elusive Targets coming in Year 4, I hope that they make some for the maps which only had one (or zero) ETs: Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Dubai, Chongqing, Ambrose Island. Heck, do some on New York and Haven Island to get people to buy the DLC. Also, bring back some new ET Arcade batches to archive them.

Of course, by new ETs they could also just mean legacy ETs coming back for Year 4 versions. In that case, I hope they at least change up what ETs they do, instead of doing the same lineup like Year 2 and 3 had.


Technically, they didn’t say “new Elusive Targets.” What they said was, new updates, and then Elusive Targets and challenges set to be added to the game. So I’m not interpreting it as actual new ETs, unless they were successful in renegotiation the two Undying contracts, which I’ll count.


I hope that too.

Something about the syntax of the tease just doesn’t go well to me. I’m actually half serious about the lack of Oxford Comma.
I mean “bring its fair share of content, with new updates, Elusive Targets and Challenges set to be added in the upcoming year”.

Technically it could just be : only game updates, and old ETs under a Y4 name and their respective challenges. Nothing else. No unlocks, no FC, no nothing.

It would still honor the entirety of the text.


please make ghost mode return or regular coop in freelancer


Exactly. And what does “fair share” of content mean? A game now three years old and going into its fourth, its expected “fair share” would be quite minimal in most scenarios. So are we just looking at quarterly updates, some ET Year 4 reactivations, and a few seasonal unlocks? Likely. But, I’d be happy to be proven wrong; Year 3 was full of surprises, so who can say.


Well there it is, Year 4 content incoming!!! This is definitely welcomed news!!! Looking forward to see what challenges are added to the game next year :grin:

I’m hoping Freelancer is going to get its fair share of updates as we move through 2024. We certainly need the long over due coin added to the weapon cases. Also, I hope to see some bug fixes, such as the Dubai helicopter being fixed in Freelancer as it’s currently bugged with no audio.

I also hope to see the anticipated Easter, Halloween and Christmas decorations added to the Safehouse in 2024!! :wink:

Hopefully some of the new challenges centre around Freelancer as well, very much like the Black Bruiser suit!


I just saw the blog post and I don’t think I’ll recover from this! :sob:
I’m so happy we’ll get another year! :sob:
How am I supposed to finish this workday?? :sob:


Interesting. Though I am not expecting a constant stream of content. Most likely seasonal, aside from monthly FC updates.