World of Assassination Roulette 3.00!

Update v3.00 to the World of Assassination Roulette is live!

New features for the World of Assassination Roulette:

  • Hitman 3 and all its missions have been integrated! While this is an ongoing process, it should be more than satisfactory for people looking for a Hitman Roulette with lots of options for tweaking.
  • New options specific to Hitman 3 levels, such as an option to enable/disable the “Cinematic Start Locations” such as skydiving to the exterior of the Burj Al-Ghazali.
  • Special options for Berlin (Apex Predator) - choose to generate conditions for generic (player’s choice) targets, specific (named) targets, or a 50/50 chance to be either! (This is still a work in progress and you may need to re-roll until the conditions are correct.)
  • New Smuggled Item Roulette options - choose to generate from all possible locations or by Smuggled Item size restriction.
  • Nightcall Guard KO option - Generate an extra challenge for Hawke’s Bay (Nightcall) where you will be tasked with pacifying a random number of guards with a random weapon!

Play it here:


If you’re an obsessive new-generation Hitman player like me, you’ve probably enjoyed several hours of fun with Hitman Roulette, either from Kotti (Hitman Roulette) or Hitmaps ( I love both of these, but I felt that there were a few options and tweaks that I could try to add. I woke up a few days later, having made my own roulette. Here’s the breakdown:

Things the World of Assassination Roulette can do that they don’t:

  • Has full roulette options for The Final Test and Nightcall (which Kotti’s randomizer doesn’t have) and Freeform Training (which neither have).
  • Pick-and-choose between five different major kill condition types, additionally differentiating between items / weapons found in-level and items / weapons that are loadout-only . You can also choose from several levels of specificity for each type – such as guns by overall type, by type and loud/silenced, or by specific model name. Want kill conditions that are in-level guns only? Loadout explosives only? Generic accidents only? Just tweak the checkboxes to your heart’s content.
  • Objective Roulette – Randomize the conditions for completing required mission objectives – the Virus in Sapienza, the Data in New York, the Constant in Sgail, and even the Clues in Whittleton Creek. This can be turned off if you want to just keep the roulette to the targets.
  • Nonlethal weapons are added to the options! This will add kill conditions that say, “Kill (Target) after pacifying them with (Nonlethal melee weapon).” Finally, you can get some real use out of the Crystal Ball / Violin / etc. or those cool-looking rare nonlethal weapons like the Khatvanga or the Imperial Filigree Eggs.
  • A “Sniper Assassinations” option for when you want to sometimes use sniper rifles even if otherwise you select in-level conditions.
  • A “Player’s Choice Kills” option that will let you kill a target with any method if you’re lucky.
  • Agency Pickup Roulette, which randomizes the location of your Agency Pickup (if you’re using one).
  • Has a “Trim Down Melee Weapons” option to limit in-level killing tools to some of the more interesting options (instead of getting Screwdriver or Kitchen Knife again and again…)
  • An option to warn you about insanely difficult in-level accident kills that require you to drag a target across the map, such as killing Reza Zaydan with electricity or killing Sierra Knox by drowning or killing Nolan Cassidy by pushing him off a ledge. (Trust me, it’s harder than you think it is.)
  • Pick-and-choose from various disguise condition types, including suit only, guard only, cook only, or any combination of these and others.
  • Loose Disguise Only mode, where the roulette will only specify disguise conditions that can be found without pacifying or killing anyone – perfect if you want a no pacifications / no civilian kills roulette run.
  • Turn Start / Exit randomization on or off.
  • Choose starts by All Starts, Suit Starts Only, or Undercover Starts Only.
  • Option to require a disguise for when you exit the mission.
  • An easy “Advance to Next Mission” button that moves you along through the campaign.
  • A scorecard to tally up your points over an entire campaign (if you’re an absolute dork like me).
  • Various other nifty options.

Things the World of Assassination Roulette can’t do that they do:

  • No non-main campaign missions (No Bonus Missions or Special Assignments, though you can check out my Patient Zero Roulette and Sniper Assassin Roulette if you like!)
  • No Contracts mode
  • No Elusive Target conditions
  • No randomized extra restrictions as seen in Kotti’s roulette
  • No Tournament mode as seen in the Hitmaps roulette
  • No popout window
  • No support for Blood Money or any other game outside the World of Assassination games.

If you want to give it a try, check it out here:

My DMs are open here and on Reddit and I’m still an amateur at html/javascript, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to message me / comment! (But read my list of planned features at the bottom before you do, please.)

Thanks for reading! Now I’ll leave you to prepare…


Hate to be a pain but the Roulette doesn’t work very well for Berlin with the same target sometimes being picked.

I took this to mean one of my own choice and I could kill Davenport in either way, but thinking about it I don’t think this was intentional and wanted to point it out.

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It must be unintentional because you need to assinate five targets in Berlin in order to exit the mission.

Yeah, it’s a known issue, but if you reroll the results enough, you can definitely get one for each. Sorry that you have to do that, though! I’m hoping to work out a solution, but I’m an html amateur, so bear with me.

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Hey for an amateur, what you’ve already done is amazing.