Worst Level in Hitman Contracts

Bar the remakes of the levels in this game what is everyone’s worst level mine would have to be The Bjarkhov Bomb takes forever to get from point A to point B the snow in your face too is just a bland ugly looking level what about everyone else?


Wang Fou Incident would definitely have to up there among the worst ones. It gives me vibes of a shitty custom mission made by a fan

“Hmm let me just add in 94 targets, maybe add some guards here and there, ooo let’s play around with the lighting settings and make everything inexplicably dark during this crucial Triad meeting.”

Comparing it with the other much more detailed levels leads me to the conclusion that it was incredibly rushed just to get it out the door before release date.

Bjarkhov Bomb is objectively shit but I still had hours upon hours of fun just trying to conquer the many challenges it offers.


If we’re talking about the fully original levels than yeah, Bjarkhov Bomb is easily the weakest.

But I do like the setting, the snow is a nice change of pace from rain and I have a soft spot for hostile environments. But it’s just way too big. If they shrunk it significantly I’d probably really like it.


What does everyone think about Hunter and Hunted?

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The most dificult one, at least at the begining.


The environment and atmosphere of Bjarkhov Bomb is the height of cozy, but the mission as a whole is complete trash. A nuisance to complete and a nightmare to get SA on.

I don’t have as much of a problem with the Triad remakes as a lot of other posters seem to. I quite enjoyed all of them, even though Traditions and Beldingford are my favourites in the game.

*Edited for misspelling Bjarkhov.


Asylum Aftermath could have been a cutscene, so that’s my pick.

I agree Bijarkov Bomb is the less enjoyable mission of the game: not really bad, but too tedious and linear.

It did Fugitive 47 better than the whole Absolution.

Not to mention impossible to get all zeros on; you have to kill the guard in the underground tunnel not knock him out since all the guards somehow find out when he wakes up without clothes. Same goes for knocking out the civilian and taking his clothes but leaving the guard untouched. Even changing your disguise won’t help.