Would there be a Remake for earlier Hitman products?

I’m not talking about Hitman™ series, I’m talking about the following products:
Hitman: Code Name 47,
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Hitman: Contracts
Hitman: Blood Money
Hitman: Absolution

I think the Hitman™ series are the best, not just because they have a better engine, but because of its varied gameplay and systems. It might be challenging to copy everything from the earlier products to the new system, there might be many adjustments. But as a Hitman fans, I’d love to have them anyway.

It’s been said before in numerous places (Twitter, Reddit and IOI Insider) but IO-Interactive does not intend on remaking the old games. If that is what you mean.

I doubt it will happen any time soon, if at all, with all the other project IO got going on now. Especially older titles, SA got more levels then the whole WOA trilogy combined and C47 got 13 missions. Remaking just one of these two games in the image of the WOA trilogy would be a enormous project.

A Remaster is far more likely and plausible in terms of scope.


Also its way better to keep the atmosphere and overall feeling than to remake them.

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That makes sense.
Remaster doesn’t change the game system and gameplay. Same level design&script, same AI logic, same story content. Just new physics and rendering system (of course level rebuild and new art resource).

I just imaged about it and it felt nice.