Wrath DLC Will Not Work

I bought and installed Wrath DLC on xbox a month ago and still have no access. Reached out to IO Support and Microsoft. Reinstalled Hitman 3 and Wrath DLC itself many times. Also reinstalled my profile and reset my console. IO support keeps saying they will look into it. I have waited for a month and still no access. Also tried to get a refund that was denied. Will IO ever fix this bug? Is there some other solution or trick to fix this that I missed?

Unfortunately this thing affected a lot of players.
IOI is aware and are investigating the issue.
I believe once they find a solution, they will share a statement about that

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It’s a damn shame they release products that won’t work

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Well, they do, but partially, apparently.
Because other people can access this content


Wrath actually works for me despite the fact I lost access to the Dartmoor missions and contracts since the Envy update. Different people seems to have lost different features. Another lost Romania.

I’m lucky the only thing I’ve lost so far is Wrath I guess. My challenges are messed up though. Unfortunate their game has so many bugs :bug:

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