Wrath Termination

It was my favorite sin, and probably the only one I enjoyed completing all 3 levels

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My only real complaint about The Wrath Termination is that the game doesn’t allow you to use your own loadout.

Even Splinter Cell: Conviction allowed you to use your own loadout on the survival mode…

Well, I’ve only got 7 Deadly Sins recently and have been dreading The Wrath Termination thanks to this thread.

Well, let’s put it mildly, talks about difficilty were slightly exaggerated.

I was surprised when I actually played it and it turned out to be just an amusing lethal throw and flanking enemy fest. Traps are barely used and enemies never reached levels upper than the second floor.

Exactly what I’ve said. Nice going.

Pretty much! Not that I didn’t die a few times. Unfortunately Wrath mostly amounts to a failed experiment, and I can respect that. Wave 2 is harder than wave 3. I set a bunch of traps but timing everything was way too much of a hassle compared to chucking sharp objects from cover.