Wrath Termination

Can you delete wrath termination from the game or just make it easier. I havent seen a single person say they enjoy it and it’s been an awful and insanely difficult escalation for years.

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I thought it was enjoyable. Now you’ve heard one person say that. Don’t play it if you don’t like it.



The challenge is also part of the fun I found - since it requires thought and some advance planning. Mindlessly going around killing everyone is going to end poorly.


It’s rare that I agree with both of these two, but here’s the trifecta. You should have searched the forum more, I’ve said multiple times how I liked the Wrath escalation and ways to win it that are fun.


I don’t have the dlc but I think that escalations should have difficulty levels. And looking for solutions in the forum isn’t fun, I prefer completing the escalation at a lower difficulty level and admit I am not so good at the game.

  1. Quit exaggerating.
  2. You’re not gonna hear people talk about escalations unless the topic is specifically about it, in part because of the perception that people “don’t like them”, something that is often erroneously cited as the common hive-mindset, which it isn’t. It’s kind of interesting, for apparently how unliked escalations are, “everyone” kept asking IOI to bring them back after they stopped doing them…because of fan feedback that told them to stop doing them. IOI can’t win. 7DS itself has something of an odd reputation, where people still hold onto the “GREED IS BAD, DO YOU GET IT BECAUSE IOI ARE GREEDY HAHAHAHA, PLEASE LAUGH” meme. Greed is the worst one, but it’s not indicative of the pack overall.
  3. Wrath is difficult. Not insanely or awfully so either. It has specific patterns and traps and parts to learn per stage. If you’re not good at combat in Hitman, or cannot get those routines down, then you’re gonna have a bad time. That is, in the truest sense of the term, a skill issue.
  4. Deleting it wouldn’t help, I’d rather they retool if it did cause such an issue problem. Not only that but you’re removing premium content from the game…that and you’d be robbing the DLC of it’s name; Seven Deadly Sins, not Six Naughty No-No’s.

Wrath might be my favorite tbh, mainly because it actually does what Romania set out do, being a legal Kill Everyone Challenge, while Romania still isen’t on as killing anyone that is not the Constant still voids SA.

Plus they would have to refund as 7 Missions were purchased.


In Romania, you still get the 5 stars that S/A gives you if you go all in guns blazing. So yeah, Romania does what Wrath does; it’s an anticipated playstyle by the developers – S/A just doesn’t show up on the end screen as such. Seems like a weird oversight imo, but hey, I’m not complaining.


Hmm, I remember that not being the case, so I admittedly also haven’t played Romanian is ages as it’s not really replayable and doesn’t even feature Contracts Mode.


It’s always been like that. You even earn XP for killing Providence members as they’re all a part of the conspiracy, and everyone you take down furthers your cause.

It’s not gonna feature in contracts mode, nor is it designed to be as replayable as the other maps. It’s designed to give the story an ending, which i’m perfectly fine with.


The XP-Part I know, but the last time I played my Green Gun’s turned Red the moment I snapped the good doctors neck.

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It still does, but that does not impede the 5 stars you eventually get if you either hide him or continue your all-out murder spree. Just odd behaviour as it’s not coded for this levels’ gimmick.

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I understand your frustration and why you made this post. The Wrath Termination is insanely difficult to the regular player since combat is unfair in the Hitman trilogy. It’s a stealth game. Combat is not one of its strengths - therefore, the whole escalation can feel more unbalanced and frenetic than fun.

If you want to complete it, I would suggest taking a break from it. Come back when you’re ready, and turn off the narrator. When I was struggling with it after countless replays, that narrator’s voice would only make me more annoyed. Hide behind walls and throw things. Remember where you put your traps. Countless replays will teach you where the inhibitors come from.

Many people do enjoy it here though. I was not one of them…until I completed it haha. Some people love it, some hate it. Guess that comes with the territory of having it be based around Wrath.


I found Envy to be the worst of them, frankly, but that’s just because I’m me.

There are all those cute cats everywhere and a strange dreamlike hazy atmosphere that goes really well with Mendoza, Envy’s amazing ;((

IMO the biggest problem with Wrath is its level 2, those Santa Fortuna shotgun guards are way too deadly in packs. Even level 3’s not that hard compared to it. I wish enemies were more balanced, like handgun guards in level 1, SMG guards in level 2 and assault rifle guards in level 3.

Personally I feel the worst sin is Lust, the clue searching thing is fine by itself but it’s an absolute chore to get 5 stars on it since you also need to kill a dozen people in an open room for no good reason. How that crap went past testing is beyond me, that probably got validated by the same idiot who thought having to KO all the guards in Mills Reverie to get SA was good game design.

I really hate competition and Envy, even though the rival is completely scripted, is too close to having another player on the level for my taste.

Wrath level 2 was rather difficult, agreed.

i respect what all of you are saying. thank you for the feedback. i wish i could enjoy playing it but i find it really frustrating to play. i’ve been trying to complete everything, every challenge, every map, and wrath termination is really stopping me from doing it bc i can’t get passed it. i’ve seen videos and ways to play it but i still find it frustrating having so many enemies all at once. hopefully one i day i will be able to finish it, i’m sure it’ll feel amazing to actually finish it. hopefully they could make it easier, if they can’t or won’t, oh well. but thank you guys for your comments!


I also hated The Wrath Termination and found it too difficult to complete under my own steam, to the point where it was spoiling my experience of the game.

If you’re on PC, then you can install the Simple Mod Framework and use @Atampy26’s Immortal 47 mod to complete the Challenges and then never think of this Escalation again.

If you’re on console… good luck, Agent. :crossed_fingers:


I hated Wrath too, but it probably shouldn’t be deleted. I’d suggest rebalancing the second stage though, since that’s way harder than the first and the final one.

I think Sniper Assassin’s Mastery requirements should take priority though if they’re going to tweak old content :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s probably the easiest one out of the 7 deadly sins collection

just 10 minutes of mindlessly throwing random stuff at peoples heads