[XBOX] I have HM1 content within my HM2, but can't see HM1 from within HM3?

I upgraded my Hitman 2 version to have Hitman 1 content without ever owning Hitman 1. I can play all of the HM1 campaign within HM2.

I bought HM3, and can access the HM2 content fine. But when within HM3, if I try to play the HM1 content it says I still need to buy the GOTY pass for it.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?

fix: go to your main menu/home area, press “Y”, search for “hitman”, then the goty pass should show up, try to install/ or delete and install.

That’s the problem: I tried this, and the GOTY pass shows as for purchase. I think I figured out what’s going on though by comparing notes with others: my HM2’s HM1 content was added with a Legacy pack that I think is different than the one on record. I never owned HM1 or the GOTY pack- if I look at my content ownership list within the Xbox it seems to just list all of the HM1 content individually.

I have the same issue on PC. I owned Hitman 1 into Hitman 2 with “Legacy Pack DLC” on Steam. Everything was great. I just bought Hitman 3 + Hitman 2 Gold Access on EPIC to play the story (again) from the begining to reach a full experience. I always find Hitman 2 level, i had to purchase (again) Hitman 1 GOTY (and not for free).
I hope IOI will do some fix soon.