Xbox One Controller doesn't work on EpicGame version

Hello, I’ve purchased HITMAN 3 a weeks ago on Epic Game Store and when I launch the game, even if the main screen tells me “Press A to start”, the game doesnt respond when I press A from the controller. I must press ENTER with my keyboard to access to the game. The only way to play Hitman 3 with my controller is launching it from Steam in BigPicture by adding it as a “non-steam game”.
Is there a way to fix this problem and be able to play with my controller without launching steam ?

Hello Multimoon. I don’t play on PC, so unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to help you solving this issue. But you may send a ticket to the official player support.

To do that, visit the following website, click the “submit a request” button on the top right corner, and supposedly after sending the ticket, there will be an IOI staff to help you. Hopefully your issue may be solved soon so you can enjoy the game without it. :slightly_smiling_face:

This may be useful, thank you, I’m gonna try this.

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Thank you but this doesn’t answering to my problem, I want to launch the game from Epic Game Launcher and be able to play with my controller, without launching steam.

Are you using it wired or with Bluetooth?

I’m using it with bluetooth.