Xbox One Hitman 3 starter pack not giving all of its content

So. i have a xbox one (not x/s) and basically, its not giving me every content in Hitman 3, i gotten the starter pack and so what happens, it says get access, i have the Dartmoor, Dubai, Germany, Colorado, etc, i dont believe i have Patient Zero, or any like that, i have the Hitman GOTY edition with Hitman 2 (Standard) with the hitman 3, and hitman 3 doesnt even give me the third story, just says “Get Access” and frankly i hate this. Any help?

…The starter pack only gives you one mission…?

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If I remember correctly Starter Pack gives access only for the first mission of the game, or games.
That are ICA Facility, Hawkes Bay and Dubai.
Read the description of the pack carefully to know what mission(s) exactly it gives access to.

Sometimes developers give free access to different basic game locations for Starter Pack users. This access is temporary and lasts about a week.

Starter Pack is a free teaser, taster of the game before deciding of actual purchase.
It’s not designed to give full access to the game.
If you want it, you have to buy the full version of the game

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I used the starter pack for a year so unless they changed it it doesn’t come with Dubai

The only missions that work, are event missions (holidays like the halloween one) and dubai and the ICA facility trainings, but it also SAID that it gives atleast one mission every direction (dubai , colorado, etc)

It’s a bit hard to understand what you mean with “at least one mission every direction”. Do you mean that it doesn’t give you access to Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2? Or do you mean it should give you all destinations in Hitman 3 (which it doesn’t, it’s a free demo, not an offer to just play the entire game for free if you don’t want to pay for it)?

No, he has Season One and Two, but not Three. And for some god forsaken reason he cannot process that he cannot get a AAA game for free. (Maybe a AA game at best)

But Colorado is not an H3 destination. Why would they list Colorado with missions they thought they’d have with the starter pack? That’s why I asked for clarification. This could be a case of miscommunication. It’s possible that they got the free starter pack after H3 was turned into WoA, which means they can’t import their H1 and H2 missions.

That sucks as a whole if that’s the case. But from what I tried to

I think the way it’s written is more or less hard for me to understand exactly but it seems that he doesn’t realise that the starter pack is only a few missions. He may have certain missions if they’re free at the time and he might not have others because he might not have them installed.

”HITMAN 3 Starter Pack” is a free demo version, not the full version.
”HITMAN 3 Starter Pack” contains limited access to content, and not all content may be accessed.
To access the ”HITMAN3” stages, you will need to purchase the “HITMAN World of Assasination” which is currently on sale.

In addition, the free DLC redemption for ”HITMAN” and ”HITMAN2” holders that was available for two years after the release of ”HITMAN3” is no longer available.
Instead, ”HITMAN World of Assasination” includes the ”HITMAN” and ”HITMAN2” DLC from the start.
However, only the “HITMAN2 EXPANTION DLC” requires the purchase of the “HITMAN World of Assasination Delaxe Pack”.

Also, as a side note, access to Hawke’s Bay in the ”HITMAN3 Starter Pack” has been lost at some point.
Currently you can only access the ICA facility, the Dubai escalation, and one free stage for a limited time that is selected at random times.
Starting December 7, “Holiday Hoarders” should be added as a free stage.

Unfortunately, ”HITMAN” often provides inadequate information from development, even though they are making many changes to the specifications.
I think it is inevitable to some extent that there is confusion in obtaining information.

That’s why I asked them for clarification, not the round table of users who are not in their head. It’s not productive to keep speculating what they meant or to insult them (“unable to process”) when there might simply be a language barrier and they’re talking about the content they own and would’ve been able to import, but no longer can do that.

It is confusing that the option to add already owned content to the game (including the free starter pack) was removed basically without announcing it.

Fair enough, we can only ponder until we do get clarification.

Okay, i gotcha thanks for the help Tom-Kannaduki, i appreciate it as that is exactly my problem, but the thing is, i have also downloaded more of the stuff for free… do i need to buy the game for them to actually be set into the game?

Okay everyone, i will clarify, turns out i accidently got the starter pack with WoA so i got confused and bungled around when i was going to buy WoA and thought it was free (for a deal or whatnot) and i was easily swindled by it whenever it gave me dubai, colorado, germany, etc, so i appreciate the help.

Perhaps the reason for your confusion is that when you got the “HITMAN3 Starter Pack”, you were forced to download a large number of contents for each stage, which resulted in a download size of almost 90 GB?
Actually, as far as the program is concerned, the contents of the “HITMAN3 Starter Pack” are exactly the same as those of “HITMAN3”.
The only difference is that almost all of the content is locked.
If you purchase “HITMAN World of Assassination” in the future, the locked content will be instantly unlocked and ready to play.

Looks like the mystery has been solved, but I’ll drop this shit here anyways…

I had everythiny for H1 and H2 when I originally DL’ed the free H3 starter pack. Don"t see a lot of people mention this but the main draw for downloading it is:

  1. You get to try out Dubai, a new H3 level for free (an Escalation, like someone mentioned).

  2. You get a free upgrade (H3 graphics, gameplay, interface, music, etc.) for your existing H1/H2 content.

  3. That upgrade also shrinks down the file size.

So even if you don’t/can’t buy H3, it’s still worth it to get the SP. At least it was. Wonder how/if it’s changed!?

You can no longer import your owned H1 and H2 destinations, so no more free graphics and gameplay update for your existing content. That got scrapped a year ago with the change to World of Assassination.

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Boooooooooooo! :joy:

Sucks for newbies then.

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