Xbox Series X Failed Authentication

I am playing Hitman 2 on my Xbox Series X, attempting to finish it before I start the third game, and I cannot connect to the Hitman 2 servers. It goes through the connection, but when it gets to authentication, it fails. This issue just started a few days ago, and I have tried everything to fix it. Deleted and reinstalled the game, erased my profile on Xbox and downloaded it again from MS servers, attempted on my Xbox One X - all to no avail. I have a wired gigabit connection with an open NAT on both IPv4 and IPv6. Warner Bros support had me try all the basic easy fixes, clear cache, reboot router, etc. Any ideas or possible fixes would be very much appreciated.

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Same here but for 4 days now. Hitman 1 and 3 work fine, but I dont want to play 3 yet, but this is insain.

Series X - All 3 games fully installed with all dlc and all levels working in all games. Hitman 2 progress not yet transfured to 3. I am tired of removing and downloading this game now (worest still I have the disk but the updates are larger than the install).

Not the way to treat this game - some people still dont own 3 and this will not pursaid them to buy it.

Also finding help for Hitman was a job and a half - IOI you really need to step up your main website.

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Been having the exact same issue here as well. By chance neither of you two did the progression carry over from 2 to 3 yet right?

Nope not yet.

I have even just tried installing it on my Xbox One X and same problems. This is defo their problem. I have tried everything.

Unistalled everything but base game of 2.
Downloaded the free demo verson of hitman 2
Cleared cache of xbox
Reset my router
Installed on other xbox
Deleted my saves

Nothing is working and getting help for this game is next to impossable - WB dont want to know, sends you to IOI, no help on their websites and if you email them they send you here - a fan site - very disapoint right now.

I would live to know were this “Contact Hitman 2 surrport” is from the measage.

Currently a broken mess on Xbox

Was workimg fine a few weeks ago

It’s a server end issue for HITMAN 3 not you. This should be addressed either when the next update comes out or contact @Travis_IOI

See I would say yerrr but hitman 3 and 1 still work … right now … just tested them.

I know IOI shut down Ghostmode but there has been no talk about shutting down other serivces.

I have tried all of the above suggestions. Have tried multiple Xbox consoles. Deleted my local save, my local profile, etc. Spoke with WB support and they claimed that they have no idea what the problem is. Claimed that it was an issue best posed to the developer. Tried tweeting the official IO account, but no response there either. I just wish that someone from IO would acknowledge or address the issue. I find it cruelly ironic that the error says to contact Hitman 2 support, but lists no avenue of attempting that.

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I am so tired off this screen - they just dont care about hitman 2 right now.

I’m going to hate asking this, but why not play 1 and/or 2 within the third game.

I’m doing a fresh run-through from the start and it’s buttery smooth on Series X.

I am an achievement completionist, and I have already started Hitman 2. I wanted to finish the achievement list before starting Hitman 3. I am also a fool because I just purchased some GOTY upgrade for Hitman 2 hoping it would fix the problem. Which, of course, it did not. So I gave another twenty dollars to a company who obviously doesn’t care about customer service. I rooted for IO when they broke from Square. I cheered again when they dumped WB and strived to publish their own titles. Now I find myself bereft of any respect for IO, and will (sadly, because I love Bond) be skipping their 007 project and encourage all my achievement hunting friends to do the same.