Year 3 - May Patch Notes

I’m glad they’ve gotten rid of the sticky nail issue. That was annoying since the damn nail filled up a slot and has made missions significantly and uselessly harder.

New suit is nice, I like the ones that have kind of a backstory to them and aren’t totally random like the lucky ducky suit. This one is fitting for those moments where 47 sprints to the exit while being littered by bullets…something I’m sure we’ve all been familiar with at some point.


NOOO!!! I mean…I understand why they’d do this but in the times where I was really struggling I relied on this only twice and it was so handy. It’s not like it was completely obvious either, you’d have to listen close for it! Curse IOI for being attentive lmao :smiling_face_with_tear:


Oh yeah

Are you trying to fix the game or just to take away our fun?



We’ve resolved exactly 20 issues that were related to players experiencing instability or crashes, across all platforms.

This one’s funny because I crashed after I patched, on the ICA Yacht while making a contract.


I hope this change doesn’t carry over to Elusive Targets too, even though it was like that when the game first came out


Fuck, should’ve played Hardcore before the patch :joy:

Neat, but what about his 2018 look in Sniper Assassin? (or that unfitting body model for the worker disguise in Ambrose)

Pretty sure the Marksman perk is busted in the non-SA version as well?

Nice patch overall. Hoping to see more fixes for the main game next time though.


It was, that’s the one the patchnotes are reffering to.


Has anyone had the suit unlock? I’m on PS5 and there’s no Black Bruiser suit in my inventory. I even tried completing a mission and nothing.

And the Carpathian Laboratory starting location still has a restricted disguise. (The ones for Patient Zero and Berlin work fine, though.)


Oh, you’re right. My bad. I’m tired, reading this on my phone, and misread it. Cool that it’s fixed.

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The suit is still locked because the servers are still in manitenance.

The PS5 servers have been online for about half an hour.


My bad then, they’re still down on my platform.


Does this mean that anyone who suffers a power outage or loss of connection in Freelancer and Elusive Targets will now be a loser loser no chicken dinner?


I don’t see a fox included for the inexplicable campaign/mission failed outcomes even after completing all necessary objectives.
Did I miss it?
That was the most important one for me.

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Increase the Prestige Objective Merces payout and grant an XP bonus for completing missions

The Preview mentioned Base Payout increase… but that was wrong. Dang it, we’ll still have to work hard for the extra Merces…


When playing Freelancer, quitting the game through the menu or by the use of Alt+F4 on keyboard will result in a Mission Failed status upon restarting the game.

:exploding_head: WHAT THE

We’ve added the “Walking Cane” item back into Dartmoor.

I hadn’t mentioned this myself at all but I found it SUPER weird they removed it, not letting you use the one special feature of that map…

We’ve tweaked the logic of Prestige Objectives to ensure that you cannot get more than one from the same category (Silent Assassin, Timed, Multikill).

Heisenberg Rejoice!! They actually added rules to how objectives show up…

We’ve removed the moving train exit in Mumbai (Freelancer mode only)


We’ve updated the item text written on some pill bottles. They now read “refill requires prescription ” whereas before they read “literally unplayable ”.

what the heck is this about. I’ve literally never heard or seen this

We’ve resolved an issue where triggering a large-sized Easter Egg in Santa Fortuna and then shooting at the end result would cause the game to crash.

Should have kept this in. Consequecnes for those who do not respect the almighty DUCK.

We’ve resolved an issue where guards would attempt to pick up invisible items and get stuck in an infinite loop in the following scenario



I was happy, on this alone, but then…

Why in the ever-loving fuck would you do this?! Not only was this a key way to help with this insanely complicated mode you made, but what happens during crashes and connection cutoffs? This was not something that was causing frustration for a lot of players, it was an ease of frustration. You had best get to work putting this back for the next patch. This was a stupid mistake to make.

Prestige objectives. The ones we choose. It has nothing to do with the ones randomly assigned to the mission itself.


Looks great, IO!

Can’t wait to see the alt+f4 cryfest over on Reddit:)


They were wise to do this because if they had 2 things called “prestige” & there wasn’t any connection between them at all I would never have shut up about it


There’s still an element of randomness to it now, but this at least means you shouldn’t get into a situation where it’ll give you 3 incompletable weapon objectives you don’t have, or 3 Silent Assassin objectives on a super-tough alerted mission.


I thought this was funny. I was JUST playing in Whittleton Creek, got the lethal pills from Helen’s basement, took them to a porch and placed them down, then looked at them with my camera (it has a 10x zoom mod), and part of it reads “Refill Recuires Prescription”