Year 3 - May Patch Notes

Hey all : happy patch day: FYI regarding the Black Bruiser suit

If you’ve already completed a hardcore campaign, first off - awesome! Second: the suit will unlock automatically - but it can take some time for it to appear in your inventory. However, this should not be more than 24hrs.


But these are only describing Prestige objectives. We choose them. If there are incompatible ones available, I don’t choose any and go in without a PO. This recent of how these particular objectives are assigned does not describe making any similar changes to the objectives that are generated in the missions themselves. That issue still remains.

Skill issue.

The same thing that happened pre-patch. The game simply registers the Alt-F4 keystroke and reacts accordingly.


Thanks! Was just wondering why i didn’t have it :slight_smile:

:cry: indeed

My mini-OCD is more upset about one of the pill bottles being a different type than the other two in its row :sweat_smile:


Hey, while you are here, can we get a quick response about the mysterious disc pre-order on Amazon? At least if it is legit or not.

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Will this also affect Elusive Targets?

Anybody checked yet whether the beach exit is now in normal Bangkok as well? (And if not, why, damnit?!)

IF they added the same check to them than yes.

Best explanation I have is this being a “fix” after @Tetrafish_21 post in the “things about Hitman you just found out” in december :


No: enjoyability issue. I can do what needs to be done for this mode, but it’s too much like work and not enough like play.


Hmmm I must test this in the Elusive Target Arcade.

ending the process from the task manager still works fine


It is probably about this bug report Bread bug

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@Heisenberg it actually happened! Garage door can now be closed! :grin: we were only discussing this the other day.

Thanks IOI! :clap:t2: Great patch overall!


Only from the inside, or both sides? How about the wine rack entrance?

I noticed nothing was said about the car battery in the garage being able to be grabbed. Anybody think there’s any change there?

Doesn’t really say does it? I’m assuming they’ll be from both sides, but I guess we’ll find out soon.

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Heli Heli Copter
We’ve resolved an issue where using the Passport Exit could result in two helicopters being visible in the cinematic.

This is an interesting one as well.

Noticed it only says from the passport exit it has fixed the issue would result in two helicopters appearing, but the same happens with the speedboats as well?

Wonder if all Vehicles have been patched, or it’s just the Helicopters?


Seems like a pretty good patch. Nice to see the game still getting such support.


The helicopter one is the only one that’s really a problem, because the copters are right next to each other and it’s unrealistic for one to take off that close and not clip the other. The boats, eh, you can make the case that 47’s got them one in front of the other at the doc and that the one being used is taking off from the other side of the doc as the one you see still sitting there. It would be best if the passport exit didn’t randomly generate from all vehicles unlocked and instead go from those actively placed.

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