Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

Pardon me for using your pic, BP. But looking at the label on this bottle of pills strikes me as funny. The idea, that is. Torvik - a reference to the Elusive Target. :grinning: Then look at the ‘LETHAL’ description. Yet there are multiple pills inside the bottle. Like, who would such a prescription be made for? A nearly immortal person that just finally wants it to all end and needs a little help? One pill isn’t enough so you need like 30 of them?

I know. 47 would be dumping the whole bottle in whatever. So a better description might be “Lethal in high doses” as a warning – not a specific feature for each tablet. Take 2 and call a mortician in the morning. :grin:

Edit: Just to be clear. I’m not laughing at the idea of ending one’s self (or another person). Just the description of what the pills do and the fact there are many of them in one bottle.