Year 3 - May Patch Notes

The wine rack can be raised & lowered from either side, the garage door only seems operable from the inside

Edit: unless I just haven’t found the Garage Door Remote Keyring (7 item slots, undroppable)


That’ll work for me. Wish we could do something about that bedroom hatch, but we’ll get to that later.

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Have any console players tested if just quitting the game still works? Between that and the train being removed in freelancer, I’m a bit shocked by these notes. :grimacing:


The main garage lights turn of when you remove the fuse from the fusebox.



Have you guys seen this?

There is a new “Perfect Run” prestige objective. You have to do to all of the optional (blue) objectives. Seems like a pretty easy way to make money.


I sure hope the alt-f4 nerf doesn’t also turn crashes and power outages into instant fails because I’ve had more crashes since Freelancer than in all my WOA playtime (including H1 and H2) :x

Anyway this seems a pretty good patch. I don’t know if the fuse changes means that annoying bug where you can’t pick it up is fixed (I hope so) and it’s kinda strange the double vehicle fix only includes helicopters and not boats, but at least it’s something.

And I can finally say goodbye to fart bombs locking guards in place.


Game just crashed for me and it didn’t fail - it seems like it still works.


It’s meant to be hard, getting angry over a hard game being hard is stupid


It’s not merely hard, it’s robbed of fun because of how strict it is. And it was just made worse.


Oh-my-gad, such a satisfaction!


Alerted Hokkaido will turn from a nightmare into a throwing contest it seems :smiley:


my only complaint is them changing the perfect shooter conditions. In the same patch you literally (re)introduced a way of destroying cameras and recorders with thrown items


I totally missed this THIS IS GREAT WOOO I don’t think we’ve seen this since Hitman 2 (in an unnofficial non-lock-on way)

This is very very weird, in that they add this new feature, but also remove Perfect Shooter penalizing you for Shooting Cameras… :confused:


The driftwood now automatically drops next to you on the pier. It stacks at first. But if you have three logs on top of each other, the animation for putting down the fishing rod, knocks them off.


They fixed the broken wine glass animation.

Hitmanchads, we’re so fucking back with this update.
47 Wine
On another note, they seem to have fixed the bug preventing one from picking up the fuse cell, nail, shroom and some other items in the safehouse. Going to test this further when I have the time


A hard game is fine, an unbalanced hard game is not.


Who knows, maybe one day this will get changed perhaps? :slightly_smiling_face:

Playing alerted Hokkaido right now, and damn it’s so satisfying to throw shit at the cameras. :grinning:


There is no way to squash the banana between the fridge and the ceiling when closing the secret door.
This update made the game unplayable.


Hello guys :blush:

Thank you for keeping the game updated after all those months, it deserves it!

Definitely some interesting improvements, especially gameplay-wise:

  • Critical and needed improvements like the GPU memory leak, stability and crash fixes, infinite pickup, bugged prompt in sapienza…
  • Contracts Mode enabled at ICA Training
  • Less starting suit restrictions
  • Puddle improvements overall
  • Throwable items at camera, nice job!

Those are welcome improvements to the game, thanks guys!

Regarding Freelancer Mode:

  • Freelancer tweaks (like the timed and prestige objectives)
  • House tweaks (prompt, fuse and nail, open and close)
  • Gameplay tweaks: objectives, sa rewards
  • Closing the train exit in mumbai, avoiding another useless moment of frustration :sweat_smile:

Also thanks for the new items and unlocks. However despite all those good news, removing the ALT+F4 possibility is a big mistake in my opinion, and the major black point in this update:

This interesting rogue-like mode challenges the player on improvisation and one-timed events, but there are so much things that could go wrong during the game (bugs, crashes, NPCs seeing through walls as examples) that not having the ability to cancel this and auto-failing the mission will be a big problem, especially when some of your items stored in house are removed, as well as your merces for not always fair reasons.

I think you should enable the possibility for anyone to be able to exit the game without registering unfortunate progress, as lots of problems could occur while playing.

For those interested, here is my first impressions of Freelancer, made before this new patch: Freelancer - General Discussion - #3341 by PatteDeFruit

Thank you for reading me, cheers!