Year 3 - May Patch Notes

Those two work. It’s just the one in Untouchable that’s still locked.


FYI - Freelancer crazy guard who Insta-combat mode is NOT fixed in this patch. Was hoping it was and just wasn’t listed.


Unfortunately, the Carpathian suit change is not due until the next patch (maybe?). IOI said it was erroneously added in the patch preview by mistake.


Thankfully they are unlocked yeah

(Btw it’s really silly they restrict pistols for Berlin still. I get that in 90% of cases you couldn’t get it past a frisk point on its own, but a player can always use the side entrance or one of the tiny pistols, it’s too restrictive)

IOI said it was erroneously added in the patch preview by mistake.

nooooo :pleading_face: i wanna shoot edwards dressed as a birb


HITMAN Freelancer – Prestige
Increase the Prestige Objective Merces payout and grant an XP bonus for completing missions.

I quickly tried to lose all weapons and raise one level as well.
Indeed, Prestige Objective’s compensation increased by 500 Merces.
but, Prestige Objective XP remained at 2,000.
From what I can see, the other XP have not increased from before too.
Does it become meaningless if the MASTARY LEVEL is already 100?

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If I deliberately shoot a propane flask, am I reaaaaally missing the shot if I hit the propane flask? :joy:

I would’ve preferred cameras to stay off-limits for this objective, but it won’t ruin my gameplay that they’re now allowed.


You can bring a briefcase to Patient Zero Hokkaido now because of the suit restriction removal.


Glad to see my skepticism on that one was wrong. That will be quite helpful.

When I get to the game tonight, I’m first gonna do a contract at the ICA training facility. Then complete the challenge with Craig Black. Then, I’m gonna open Arcade mode and finally kill the Liability while wearing the outfit I want. And then, I’ll try Patient Zero with the newfound freedom. Finally, stop in at Freelancer and see what I can do with the changes. It’s gonna be quite an evening.


For anyone wondering, you can throw both lethal and non-lethal objects to destroy a camera. Funnily enough it makes a squelching sound if throw a lethal object at a camera and then retrieve it, as if you’re taking it out from a dead body.

Anyway, I’m really surprised they made such a fundamental change to the game after this many years.


Looks like a solid patch to me :face_with_monocle:

:partying_face: I played so many freelancer missions SA and didn’t get any reward for it. Love the change!

Yeah! Glad to see it back!

Cool, but this makes no sense for me right now. You never had an alternative for shooting a camera (except for explosions).

Now we got an alternative way of destroying cameras/recorder by throwing heavy objectives and it’s allowed to shoot cameras and keep perfect shooter :upside_down_face:

Was waiting so long for this change. Finally :pray:


Ooooo, good point :thinking:

I guess the cameras really bugged people, especially on Alerted (Hardcore) Territories.

But yeah, if your goal was to shoot a propane flask, and you hit it, you definitely didn’t miss! So I agree that the choice is odd :weary:


A few contracts creators will be upset if they deliberately made any with cameras in mind.


Patient Zero just feels weird with any other suit :smile:


This is a 2 year old mod which fixed this issue. I can finally say goodbye to it.


For me It can happen on any map, but the worst cases have happened on the facility in Chonqing.


This is still occurring. Also happens if you distract someone when they’re holding something.


I swear that animation is freaking impossible to see other than crushing them with the light rig or the grape crusher. They usually just stand still acting confused.

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Awesome, thanks for confirming. :smiley:

At least I don’t have to worry about getting crap like this ever again:


Specially for a Showdown in Hardcore.