Year 3 - Winter Roadmap

A random thought that popped into my head today:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the reason we haven’t heard anything about the fresh escalation they mentioned in Spring is because it’s still planned to release later? Say, around February 10? Like a seasonal event in Chongqing based around Chinese New Year? And 2024’s the Year of the Dragon, the coolest of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac

There’s a 0.0001% chance of it actually happening, but it’s an interesting thought


I have had a dumb idea for a while now about a seasonal contract my idea was for the ark society basically make it like a huge warehouse of holiday decorations and your targets would just be like Santa and a bunch of other dumb holiday related characters so I hope that new years themed idea is correct because personally the holiday related missions and escalations are always my favourites


Before the previous Roadmap (25th anniversary celebration), I was hoping that the escalation would have been a more streamlined, more transformative, and re-playable version of the C47 challenge pack (since they were leaked in the data a long time ago, last year).

But since it’s not that, I have no idea of what it could be. And Chongqing is still the H3 map that disappointed me the most by how it didn’t used the streets, and the city proper. So if they can make an escalation in it, I’m all for it!

My main hope though is that this escalation, one, happens. And two is DGS, or 7DS level of escalation. A unique mechanic would be good, but I mostly want to see, and explore, a redecorated level.

Also, please, no restricted loadout.


Wait what? Did i miss something?

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In the Spring roadmap (March 2023), IOI mentionned this:

In addition, we will be introducing new unlocks, challenges, and a fresh escalation for you to sink your teeth into.

2023 is coming to an end, and nothing about escalation has been so far released.

source: IO Interactive



Safe to say it went the way of the Predator Challenge Pack.


Man i would have liked this Bill Cosby Celebrity ET…


That would be very cool content for a Year 4 roadmap! :wink:

Imagine this for a start…………

  • Jan 26th - Freelancer Anniversary Pack (Halloween, Easter and Christmas Decorations, New Challenge Unlocks & New Freelancer Suits)

  • Feb 10th - Chongqing Chinese New Year Escalation

I’m sure we can think of other things to add! :grin:


Personally I hope they do the season of sin thing again each month is themed around the same sin as year one and each month they add like three more challenges to each escalation to give more incentive to replay them maybe they could come with unlocks like the sin suits with masks of the respective animals maybe some briefcases I would personally like a pink one to go with the flamingo suit edit: just so it’s clear I am saying I hope they add more challenges to the existing 7DS escalations not the idea of adding more escalations

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I don’t think we’ve get a big escalation pack like that again to be fair. We’ll probably, if anything, get one more single Escalation as part of Year 4 content (if that happens of course). I know IOI mentioned about getting one more Escalation back in Spring and below was the section at the bottom of the roadmap post.

I’m hoping personally that some of the potential Year 4 content/updates are aimed at Freelancer! :grin:


I hope it wouldnt be like the lee hong derivation because i cant beat the last tier for the life of me :frowning:

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If anything, I´d prefer it to be a bonus mission / special assignment, not just an escalation…


I’m not sure how long IOI will support the current version of Hitman.
I’m not sure if they still enjoy it and maybe they want to move on to something else.
However, if the Hitman player base is large enough, maybe they should consider a bonus pack.

For example:
Whittleton Screek - version of map in Halloween theme - a night celebration of Halloween.
Bonus version of the map + bonus lethal weapon + bonus blunt weapon + bonus firearm + bonus suit + bonus briefcase = together in one pack priced like (lets say) Sarajevo Six.

The question is, would players be willing to buy the bonus mission?

  • Yes, absolutely!
  • Yes, I’ll think about it…
  • Maybe…
  • Probably…
  • No!
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Thank you for this.

I pray 3 years for chinese new year
When this amazing thing will happend?
Probably never :frowning:

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Yeah same, but I only considered it as the Escalation as I know there is one planned as mentioned in the Spring roadmap, but we have yet to see it appear.

We don’t know that it even will to be honest, it’s just some ideas were throwing around for some potential Year 4 content.

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While I’d agree on that, I wouldn’t mind an escalation if it is like DGS and includes Contracts Mode, because that’s always really fun (and the must-have condition for a REi Treatment lol)


Yeah, DGS-style would be nice too. I just don’t want “just” an escalation. Different ToD and setting, map modifications and alternate NPCs is what I’d love to see, be it in one form or another.


Piss on contracts mode. They should be added to Freelancer.

Like… the contract batch I was emailed about? Still a little worried about that - feels like i’m gonna have to share the email to stop my anxiety about being called a liar at this rate lol
…would be funny to have my contracts as a December Year 4 batch though, imagine how many submissions there would be when it comes time to close the submissions thread :rofl: