Year 3 - Winter Roadmap

Challenge Pack: Cloud Nine

Unlock the Sunset Rubber Duck, Orange Pinstripe Briefcase and White Sunset Suit in this brand-new Challenge Pack. Travel to Whittleton Creek, Hokkaido and Ambrose Island to complete the Cloud Nine Challenges and be rewarded with these long requested unlocks!

Featured Contracts: Wiggles Music Mayhem

Get ready for some music-themed contract mayhem this month! Including such classics as:

‘Hit Me Bangkok One More Time‘


‘White Noise’

And much, much more!

November 23

Challenge: Public Enemy

Absolve in this stylish black suit, with black driving gloves and an elegant black stetson to match. Sure to pack a punch with anyone who refuses.

Make sure your SMG or Assault Rifle skills are up to snuff before taking on the Public Enemy Challenge.

December 7

Challenge: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Christmas sweaters get a famously bad rap. Itchy? Yes. Ugly? Depends on who you ask. But these festive garments do have at least one positive quality to consider: They mask suspicious red stains very well.

Return to Holiday Hoarders on December 7th and compete this brand-new event to unlock this festive Cozy Christmas Suit.

December + January Content

December 21

Hokkaido Snow Festival

The Hokkaido Snow Festival returns on December 21st for all players! The perfect mission to get into the Holiday Spirit! If this is your first time playing the Hokkaido Snow Festival, don’t miss your chance to unlock the Snow Festival suit!

December 22

Elusive Target Galore

Hungry for more Elusive Targets to complete your challenges? During the holiday season we’ll be making a whole bunch of returning Elusive Targets available for you to complete! More information coming shortly.


Wow, another new ET. I like it

Uh-mm… Where’s contract mode for Holiday Hoarders & Hokkaido Snow Festival?

EDIT: And they are so talented to ignore a curated contract batch contributed by Linux.


Year 4 content up to December confirmed! :crazy_face:

To be fair Linux did not say which December the batch goes live. :stuck_out_tongue:


For the love of god, just make a new Hitman Game.


Sorry to disappoint, but “Elusive Target Galore” refers to reruns (one per week if it’s like last time, this would be 8 of them, 10 days each, last one starting the 2nd of Feb)

For reference, this is what the elusive target galore was like in Year 1 :


Ok, I didn’t know. I thought to a name of a new ET :expressionless:

I expect that the Cloud 9 challenge pack will release in half an hour (1400 CET, as usual).

As for the roadmap itself. It’s good. Some of it feels like a deliberate slowdown. But it’s understandable. First for the Holidays, second because we have a one month ET.
:snowflake: :snowman: :mountain_snow:

We definitively had the Fugitive replaced by the Food Critic to allow the new players to unlock the Bangkok location suit after the disruption of the Drop. Since Hokkaido already appeared with the Surgeons.

There are still some stones unturned (The Coin, the potential Escalation, @linux_penguin Curated Contracts), so it doesn’t feel like a final. But unless IOI is being as sneaky as last time, I don’t see enough steam in the game to have a full on Year 4. I could see a final apotheoses in January to close it off, maybe followed by a run of the mile “no new content, but here are some ETs and FCs” year. We will see.

(and IOI if you are looking for ideas : I still think that a way to play the main campaign missions/targets with Freelancer mechanics and restriction with a special dossier in the office would be great)


Will it be the last roadmap with new contents? I didn’t see any information about the game update.

No SMG or AR with a drum magazine to unlock with the PE suit?! The audacity of that…


So much new outfits in the last few months :open_mouth:
Looking forward to try those challenges :+1:


LET’S GO! WHITE SUNSET SUIT, ORANGE PINSTRIPE BRIEFCASE AND THE SUNSET RUBBER DUCK! But no other mention of the other platform suits being available yet, maybe for another update, I’m assuming

We all knew that this was going to come around at some point but I need that Mobster 47 suit now!

We never get much suits with sweaters along with their sleeves not rolled up anyway so this one definitely looks cool (No pun intended)

Looking forward to be wondering what this will become, either way this is a great roadmap


I was expecting a snow festival challenge smh. For a moment when I saw the picture on roadmap I thought there’ll be a snowflake shuriken unlock :snowflake:


I’m just curious to see if they decide to add The Drop to this galore.


Now I just wait for them to let us unlock that last two Streak suits.

And the… no, I shall not say it.


I just realised : there are no new ETs. Which means :
:tada: I DID IT :partying_face:
All Elusive Targets eliminated. :elusive_target:Y1, :elusive_target_dark:Y2, :elusive_target:Y3, all Silent Assassin.


My perfectionist heart is pleased. (and ready to try and find the resolve to continue when Year 4 ET Challenges are inevitably announced)


How about next year we get a duck with a sweater with tiny 47 heads on it to match 47s also so happy about the stadia stuff being today this and Mario kart 8s new update have made today a great day for me :red_duck: :white_duck: :evil_duck: :gentleman_duck: :yellow_duck:

I wish they’d given us info on things they promised back in the Spring Roadmap like the new escalation, Featured Contracts for December, and contracts mode on Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival (which seems to still be coming). Also, was it really too much for them to do The Fugitive and The Warlord as ETs this November?

Oh well, at least I can finally unlock the Stadia items! That’s a decent birthday reward!


I’ll be honest, apart the Public enemy suit, this roadmap is pretty meh to me. I’m not a fun of the Stadia stuff (I’ll still unlock them for the sake of it, but still…), but I hope the challenges will be fun at last.

Also, any mention about contract mode on Holyday Hoardes and Snow Festival? I remember those were planned for the end of the year.


I got it now to hope the other streak suits are made unlock-able for all