Year 4, The Undying returns (March 22 - April 21 2024)

IGN Fanfest trailer has dropped. And revealed te return of the Undying
In all his Sean Bean glory.




Here is the video link from official HITMAN

Also Featured in an Arcade Batch!?? WOO

For the first time ever, Free Starter Pack players will have a chance to experience the Undying mission in The Oroborous - A Three level Arcade contract featuring The Undying Elusive Target, available for free to everyone.


I’m very glad that The Undying will be permanently available in the game! I wonder what the targets in The Ouroboros will be: The Undying, The Undying Returns, The Undying again?

I also wonder if there will be an exclusive reward for playing the normal ET like there was with the original Undying missions and The Drop. Maybe The Ephemeral Suit without the eye patch?

I also, also wonder if they’ll be doing something similar for The Drop ET down the road.


My theory is the Undying (original variation), something else and then the 3rd stage being the Undying Returns. The word Ouroboros is defined as a snake/dragon devouring its own tail and thereby creating a never ending cycle of birth and death.

If it is Mark Faba 3x in a row, that will be quite amusing although satisfying for all of the players who didn’t get a chance to get him the first time! :smiley:


If both Undying and Undying Returns are in Arcade and there’s no restrictions that interfere with my preferred gameplay, I am going to totally come unglued on that target in the Returns version and make sure he FUCKING STAYS DEAD!!!


I would guess that at least the Undying will start “pristine” like he was in his very first run, before having the eyepatch in the second level. And maybe something else for the third (potentially also for the actual ET itself).

My dream would be an organic progression of the escalation. Like if you use the pen for the first level, it becomes forbidden for the last two, forcing a new method each times.


I imagine the third level is Sean Bean totally covered in bandages like that elusive target in Hokkaido.


Eyepatch and arm in a sling?

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You know, I bet the challenge pack for the Undying is gonna be the kill options 47 lists when Faba challenges him for methods. First we’ll have to spike his drink with an emetic and then drown him in a toilet, then push him out a window, and then finally throw a kitchen knife at his head.


I wonder what does it mean.
This is the first “exclusive” or celebrity ET which is being reactivated.
Great news, but I still wonder what this fact will bring to the future of Elusive Targets


Should probably pick a synonym for Returns in the title of this post, as The Undying Returns is an actual thing that could also return this year.


This a good point. :point_up_2:

Well… never say never. :joy:

First the S6 and now The Undying. Does Sean Bean have student loans!? :joy: :rofl:


So in terms of canon, I’m assuming this just takes around the same time as the previous attempted hits on Mark Faba (Bean) then I guess? I’m assuming that’s the case as it states ICA sanctioned target so 47 is still with the ICA at this point during the timeline.

Looking forward to playing it :grin:

Canonically, the Undying is a bit iffy, but it’s generally considered a canon target from some unknown time before The Showstopper, during a previous year’s innovation race in Miami. It’s hard to tell because 47 canonically and officially has a perfect kill record with ICA, yet the Undying supposedly really happened, so either the Undying Returns is non-canon and Faba stayed dead the first time 47 tried, or 47’s first attempt failed due to Faba not being an ordinary target in his weird way, and so the contract was reopened and labeled as unfinished when 47 tried a second time, with better results, and the contract was closed again and the whole affair classified as a success despite taking two attempts due to unusual circumstances, preserving 47’s kill record. It is, at this time, unclear.


Ah right I see, that does makes more sense now to be fair. Cheers @Heisenberg :+1:t2:

It could also be that “Mark Faba” is actually not a single person but an identity that gets passed around some specific people, and that 47 did indeed kill two different people who both were “Mark Faba”. Which would also explain why there could be a third one too - as long as everyone’s not dead “Mark Faba” is effectively never dying.


That is one theory that’s been passed around, and may hold some weight, especially in a franchise where cloning technology plays a crucial role. But, going off of Faba’s words, and the presence of the eyepatch, it seems to lean more toward Faba maybe occasionally using body doubles, and the rest of the time he really is just super tough and nobody sent to kill him, including 47, thought to check for a pulse because he really shouldn’t have been able to survive any of those attacks. Who can say without further clarification to his backstory. :man_shrugging:


I don’t think any of these theories hold weight. I know it’s fun to speculate about head canon and I do that myself often but to think that there is more to it than just that is silly. There is no canonicity to the ETs or any particular changes to the ET maps.

It’s been asked and answered in one of the old livestreams. ETs are alternative universe. Pretty sure it was Clemens that said it.

But maybe it’s all canon Freelancer, Escalations, ETs and Holiday Themed Missions. Santa Claus is real. The Easter Bunny is real. 47 has dream murder powers, he can fly and command dolphins and he always come back to kill people in the same places because obviously all the ETs were att the same Parisian party or maybe it’s a yearly event. Yes of course that’s it. Obviously that’s what the devolopers intended it couldn’t possibly be a non-canonical game mode because everything must somehow fit in to the timeline.

My problem isn’t head canon speculation it’s talking about it as if it’s all completely by design and all of you are here to figure out the TRUE timeline of canonical events.

I’m just tired of reading the same things over and over again ad infintum. :crazy_face: