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I own H1 and H2 on Steam, carry over showed finish and all milestones and objectives show when selecting a location in H3. It still, however, says to get full access i need to buy hitman 2 standard (which i own on steam)and a kink to the Epic Game Store. So i do i just sit back and let Epic take my 60 bucks and wait till H3 comes on steam a year later or is there literally anything else i can do? i will show proof if necessary.

Heres a link for some proofs

Why yes there is and that answer is “wait”. People that own it on Steam will be able to get it for free on Epic before the end of the month.


Apparently IO are working on it and have said it’ll be available for Steam owners of H2 by the end of February. That’s all we know for now.


so that means i have to buy H1 then and ill get H2 for free?

No, you just need to wait for IO to release their solution. If you own Hitman 2 on Steam then there’s no need to purchase it again.

They’re saying it’ll be rolled out before the end of February.

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