Your Elusive Target Kill Methods

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The Deceivers: Saber throwing contest
The Stowaway: Aztec Necklace Fun Times
The Collector: Screwdriver Speedrun
The Politician: Gas Lamp Explosion
The Iconoclast: Sapper’s Axe from Yates’ Mansion
The Black Hat: Spicy Alabama jam
The Liability: Zappie zappie
The Twin: Old axe throwing contest, Plague Doctor edition
The Heartbreaker: Fiber wire, surrounded his body with all four wines
The Entertainer: I brought an ICA Combat Axe and gave him one last thing to giggle about (the capitlization)
The Procurers: Poison and Smokey Lamp
The Food Critic: I blew him up fuck
The Ascenionist: Placed her to rest gently with a fall from grace after following her around <3
The Bookkeeper: CAR EXPLOSION!!!
The Rage: Cocaine


In recent light of the Elusive Target Arcade releasing in a few hours, I decided to compile all my poetry of my ET kill methods. It is currently a barren list; most notably the timing in which I started writing them was when I have already played most of them by now. I may write about ETs I have already played if the time comes.


The Bookkeeper

A tale is told where there are two opposing forces to this feat
This ET was plodding, while my run is complete
A well placed micro taser made this ET done and dusted
So unlike my run, The Bookkeeper is busted

The Fugitive

Eyeless, noseless, and a headband to spare
To most, these uttered words represent two frauds and one musketeer
Identify the target, leave the two frauds stand
Don’t, and make your defrauded playthrough bland

My idea is simple. Here is how it goes
Spike the supposed riesling with a vial to doze
I didn’t need extra planning, I’ve played this before
But alas this ET was too hot to ignore

To most, others are probably finished with this by now
You’re probably a little faster than me, it certainly raised an eyebrow
You silly goose, I already have it alluded
That a simple spike at the riesling is all that’s concluded


The Ascensionist (AKA my wife)

All of you vilified and hated me for seeing beauty before me.
You saw wrinkly and antiquated, whereas I saw sultry and pretty.
The thought of veneration came unacquainted and senile.
Therefore I put the unacquainted into style.

The Rage

Now granted I did take my time with this one
However all ETs are usually left undone
Initially I didn’t plan for effort into consideration
Merely I was going to sift through the ET for the entirety of the duration

At first I was lost, I didn’t know what to do
S. Bowden was awfully isolated, I was drawing blank on a clue
However further dialogue suggested he was to meet at the laundromat
So I put forth the effort just after Sully finished his chat

Like I said this ET lasted for a lengthy while
But as expected all ETs die by the dial
This particular ET quite literally died by his name
Because The Rage is all about fire, as I was about to take aim
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The Deceivers: both electrocuted
The Stowaway: missed, I didn’t cared.
The Collector: Masamune
The Politician: electrocuted
The Iconoclast: Fiber wire
The Black Hat: electrocuted, but I failed SA
The Liability: electrocuted
The Twin: missed
The Heartbreaker: Fiber wire.
The Entertainer: missed
The Procurers: Fiber wire on both
The Food Critic: Lethal poison Sirynge.
The Ascensionist: Fiber wire
The Bookkeeper: puddle electrocution
The Rage: Pushed to his death
The Fugitive: killed in the spa by shaman powder throw, wearing baseball player disguise (too bad I didn’t recorded it :unamused:)
The Heartbreaker #2: blowed away with cannons by Pirate 47.


Pretty much every elusive target I’ve done has been with poison because it’s the safest option. Boring, but it works. The few exceptions are drowning kills done with the Sieker.

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All SA except where noted.

Hitman 2:

The Undying: Masamune, melee
The Revolutionary: failed, died miserably trying to escape :frowning:
The Appraiser: Cigarette and gas tank (not SA)
The Fugitive: Pushed over the fence
The Politician: gas explosion
The Black Hat: lethal syringe
The Prince: electocution in the krypt.
The Undying II: pen through the eye.
The Decievers: Troutt wine poison, Magee pistol elimination in the back
The Entertainer: coffee poison
The Badboy: water poison
The Chameleon: push from the balcony
The Identity Thief: wire electrocution
The Gunrunner: sawed off Bartoli 12G
The Blackmailer: fiber wire
The Angel of Death: Tanto, melee
The Warlord: Machete, thrown
The Serial killer: fiber wire
The Fixer: electrocution phone
The Chef: Janbiya, melee
The Stowaway: Piton, melee

Hitman 3:

The Deceivers: Troutt toilette drowning, Magee chandelier drop
The Stowaway: Drowned in the toilette
The Collector: Red devil explosive duck
The Politician: Drowned
The Iconoclast: Food poisoned
The Black Hat: Kukri knife, melee
The Liability: Disco ball on the head
The Twin: ICA combat axe, thrown
The Heartbreaker: Grape press
The Entertainer: Thrown off the roof
The Procurers: Shuriken both targets
The Food Critic: Killed with explosive baseball
The Ascensionist: Fiber wire
The Bookkeeper: Propane flask
The Rage: Cocaine poison
The Fugitive: Light lamp on the head
The Heartbreaker #2: Locked in the freezer
The Broker: Propane flask explosion

Here are my methods
The Heartbreaker 2 : Neck Problems
The Broker 2 : He forgor it’s not healthy to drink from toilets

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Emetic gas device+briefcase / propane flask+taser / goldbrick+duck bomb (tranq glitch)
common method for most ets
quite boring actually, the instant and permanent fail forces me to choose the safest way
(I know I could use Alt+F4 when I was about to fail, but keeping on doing that is annoying…)

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Year 3 was 23 elusive targets assassinated in Silent Assassin !
(16 + 22 + 23 in total) Thank you, the community !

And in the name of perfectionism, here are the suits I used.
Year 1: :yellow_circle: Year 2: :orange_circle: Year 3: :red_circle:



The Deceivers: both are drowned in Guru Suit
The Stowaway: pushed into the sea from the castle
The Collector: drowned
The Politician: drowned
The Iconoclast: turned into wine (pushed into grape crusher)
The Black Hat: kidnapped via the boat (El Matador headshot; bounced into the boat)
The Liability: light show electrocution
The Twin: The Bells Are Ringing
The Heartbreaker: cannon salvo
The Entertainer: Electric Boogie
The Procurers: both buried in Alexa’s grave
The Food Critic: he tasted Jordan’s cake
The Ascensionist: blown up
The Bookkeeper: puddle electrocution
The Rage: The rage killed The Rage
The Fugitive: sauna kill
The Heartbreaker #2: froze him in the freezer
The Broker #2: neck snap
The Deceivers #2: both are drowned
The Drop: dropped from the bikers hideout roof


Yeah, I just used the emetic briefcase on the Food Critic and got SA barely trying. Still felt cool though

Cashmerian Suit and Krugermeier 2-2, btw. I took the disguise from the waiter near that same bathroom, so I happened to be able to change back while he was throwing up

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