Your Elusive Target Kill Methods

This thread is meant to give everyone the opportunity to make a list of their Elusive Target kill methods, with or without a video. For now we can only rebuild our list from H2016+H2 but this can be continued with H3. :slight_smile:

I want to start off with mine:




² = Second activation


(Probably shouldn’t follow Mr. Weaponized friggin’ Parrot. :grin:)

Dug back into the thread from the old forum and added the last three.

  • The Appraiser-Smoking Kills
  • The Fugitive-Poison
  • The Politicians-Smoking Still Kills
  • The Black Hat-Lethal Syringe
  • The Prince-Lethal Syringe
  • The Undying Returns-(Pre-phone) Electrocution
  • The Decievers-Napoleon Blownaparte (Me, not them :man_facepalming:)
  • The Entertainer-Fiber Wire
  • The Badboy-Electrocution Phone (But I was calling to warn him about the lethal poison he was about to drink.)
  • The Chameleon-Phone Cheese
  • The Identity Thief-Fall Accident
  • The Gun Runner-Fiber Wire
  • The Blackmailer-Fiber Wire
  • The Warlord-Thrown Machete
  • The Serial Killer-Phone Cheese (After spending an hour trying to get him to choose me as a victim.)
  • The Fixer-Remote Breaching Charge
  • The Chef-Tragic Chandelier “Accident”
  • The Stowaway-RFID Explosive
  • The Undying (Reactivation)-Fiber Wire
  • The Revolutionary (Reactivation)-Death by Piranha (*not SA)

All these are from before I had a YouTube channel, so I’m looking forward to posting some thoroughly unimpressive videos when H3’s ETs start.


Mine methods archive:

The Undying: pushed over the railing
The Revolutionary: consumed poison
The Fugitive: pushed over the railing
The Appraiser: snowball surprise
The Politician: gas lamp
The Black Hat: lethal syringe
The Prince: The Bells Are Ringing
Undying Returns: poisoned coconut balls
The Deceivers: lethal syringe on each
The Entertainer: pushed over the railing
The Badboy: pushed over the railing
The Chameleon: disposed off in a swamp
The Identity Thief: pushed into the waters of Seine
The Gunrunner: fried in oil
The Blackmailer: lethal syringe
The Angel of Death: pushed over the railing
The Warlord: lethal syringe
The Serial Killer: offered some water… from a toilet
The Fixer: ICA Space Program
The Chef: tasted some toilet water
The Stowaway: fed him with 100 apples (I kept count)


The Undying: Shot by PALLAS (SA)
The Revolutionary: Poisoned water (SA)
The Appraiser: Fire accident (SA)
The Fugitive: Let’s not talk about this one
The Politician: Fiber wire (SA)
The Black Hat: Pushed to the stage (SA)
The Prince: Shot with the silverballer to the confession booth (SA)
The Undying Returns: Sink electrocution
The Deceivers: Amputation knife and chandelier accident (SA)
The Entertainer: Reflection pool electrocution (SA)
The Badboy: Chandelier accident (SA)
The Chameleon: Chandelier accident (SA)
The Identity Thief: Shot with an SMG (SA)
The Gunrunner: Propane explosion
The Blackmailer: Measurement tape (SA)
The Angel of Death Cafe sign accident (SA)
The Warlord: Shot with an assault rifle
The Serial Killer: Rake accident (SA)
The Fixer: Stabbed with a letter opener (SA)
The Chef: Stove explosion
The Stowaway: Fiber wire while changing clothes (SA)


Sure, why not to brag.

Here are my final kill methods:
Undying - Pen to an eye
Revolutionary - Electrocution phone
Appraiser - Drowned like a rat she was
Fugitive - Pushed over railings
Politician - Katana from behind
Black Hat - Ice Pick to neck
Prince - Drowned like a rat he was
Undying again - Android
Decievers - Both pushed over
Entertainer - Kicked from a rooftop
Badboy - Electrocution Phone
Chameleon - Ditto
Identity Thief - Garotted
Gunrunner - Blown up by propane flask
Blackmailer - Drowned like a rat he was
Angel of Death - Stabbed infront by jambalaya I mean janbiya
Warlord - Drowned as a rat she was
Serial Killer - Burned in incerinator
Chef - Blown up by a stove
Stowaway - Snapped his neck

All SA, neither SO, never had balls to do that.
I would rant each target indivudually, but that would take too much time. Overall, most of S2 ET’s were fine, I liked their backstories, but some of them were painful to deal with (Revolutionary, Stowaway).
S1 ET’s were mostly chosen well, with exception of Fixer (painful) and Chef (boring).
I just wish IOI had more ET’s so people could unlock their fav. suits (seriously, 4 for Paris and 1 for Bangkok?). I hope tho that they won’t bring them back to S3, and we will have easier way to get location specific suits (like on Haven and New York).


Archived list :slight_smile:

The Undying: Masamune, melee
The Revolutionary: failed, died miserably trying to escape :frowning:
The Appraiser: Cigarette and gas tank
The Fugitive: Pushed over the fence
The Politician: gas explosion
The Black Hat: lethal syringe
The Prince: electocution in the krypt.
The Undying II: pen through the eye.
The Decievers: Troutt wine poison, Magee pistol elimination in the back
The Entertainer: coffee poison
The Badboy: water poison
The Chameleon: push from the balcony
The Identity Thief: wire electrocution
The Gunrunner: sawed off Bartoli 12G
The Blackmailer: fiber wire
The Angel of Death: Tanto, melee
The Warlord: Machete, thrown
The Serial killer: fiber wire
The Fixer: electrocution phone
The Chef: Janbiya, melee
The Stowaway: Piton, melee

All SA except The Appraiser

  • The Undying: Fishslapped then Shot In The Head…

  • The Revolutionary: Two bullets from the back while he was drinking wine…

  • The Appraiser: Silverballed while she was contemplating her book…

  • The Fugitive: Silverballed from the back while he was puking in toilets…

  • The Politician: MISSED ><

(Fishslapped and Silverballed on training runs)

  • The Black Hat: Silverballed by a Vampire Magician inside his own hacking room…

  • The Prince: Blackballed in the Church while he was tying to pick up my briefcase…

  • The Undying Returns: Strangled with Earphones after his meeting…

  • The Deceivers: Both Caked before being Silverballed…

  • The Entertainer: Sedated to sleep before being Silverballed to death…

  • The Bad Boy: FAILED on my main account :confused:

(Exploded with a phone in training run)

  • The Chameleon: Knocked out with a soda can before flying to his death…

  • The Identity Thief: Silverballed on a balcony during IAGO meeting…

  • The Gunrunner: Flashed and Silverballed on stairs after his own escorting…

  • The Blackmailer: Strangled to death during a fashion show with brand new ICA Earphones…

  • The Angel Of Death: Thrown from a balcony after being Caked and Briefcased in the face…

  • The Warlord: Stabbed to death with her own Machete…

  • The Serial Killer: Caked and Stabbed by his own Scalpel…

  • The Fixer: Machinegunned from the back inside a Shisha Cafe…

  • The Fixer: Poisoned to Death by Deadly Beluga…

  • The Stowaway: Knocked out by the Homing Briefcase before being Sniped…

Good times :blush:

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The Undying: Eye to Pen

The Revolutionary: Nothing. I failed

The Appraiser: Deadly Habbit (It’s an inside Joke. Looking at my Custom ET Campaign my clarify :wink:.)

The Fugitive: Depending on the Target (Fall/Poison)

The Politician: Krugermeier-t

The Black Hat: Poisoned

The Prince: Two Shots in the Back (H2), Missing His Head Twice and ruining my Rating (H2016)

The Undying Returns: Bathroom Break (Drowning, as announched)

The Deceivers: Missed :confused:

The Entertainer: Pushed of Roof

The Badboy: Custom 5mm Headshot

The Chameleon: Poisoned Coffee

The Identity Thief: Tanto-ed

The Gunrunner: Neck Snapped, Knocked Out whole Garage.

The Blackmailer: Electrecution Phone

The Angel of Death Exploding Motorbike

The Warlord: Impaled with her Machete

The Serial Killer: Poisoned Drink

The Fixer: Failed. Last Stand Headshot, before being gunned down.

The Chef: Falling Chandelier.

The Stowaway: Neck Snapped

The Forger Headshot, Near Painting

The Sensation Pushed Into Seine

The Twin Sniped

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Oh, well I guess it’s pretty simple for me I just used a bomb, ya know when I could. Had them pick up a bomb and ran away or placed it near them. ya i just wanted the suits ya know lul but i had fun.

usually don’t use bombs

Hitman 2016


Hitman 2

That about covers it. Looking forward to adding to the list with H3, there are so many good memories here and it was fun going back through all of it.

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