Your Favorite Games

As simple as the title says, what are your favorite games. Either from the different genres gaming offer or just in general. I divised my list of favorite games up in genres but feel free to talk about your favorite games in any way you like. Heres my list

Favorite game of all time: HITMAN world of assassination trilogy within HITMAN 3
Favorite first person shooters: Doom Eternal & Duke Nukem 3d
Favorite action games: Elden Ring, Deadrising 1, Sekiro, Dark Souls 3
Favorite Superhero game: Batman Arkham Knight
Favorite Narrative game: Disco elysium
Favorite Rhythm game: Super Hexagon (not rhythm based but still awesome), Rhythm heaven beat the beat)
Favorite Turn-based RPG: Pokemon Black & White 2
Favorite Horror Game: Resident evil 1 remake
Favorite Roguelike: Enter the Gungeon
Favorite Stealth Games: Metal Gear solid 2 & 3, HITMAN series
Favorite puzzle games: The Witness, Portal 1
Favorite coop games/games with friends: Crawl, ultimate chicken horse, duck game, it takes two, tricky towers, super smash brothers brawl or ultimate, mariokart (any)
Favorite Metroidvanias: Metroid fusion & Super Metroid
Favorite strategy game: Into the breach
Favorite sports game: Tony hawk pro skater underground 2, Tony hawks pro skater
Favorite platformers: Super Mario Sunshine, Celeste, Super mario galaxy
Favorite Platform action: Megaman 7, Cuphead


Favorite GOAT : HITMAN 1/2/3 (which is a game-as-a-service)
Favorite RPG : Titan Quest
Favorite platform game : Rayman 3
Favorite Star Wars game : Republic Commando
Favorite FPS : Bioshock
Favorite survival horror : Amnesia-The Dark Descent
Favorite app game : Chess


Favourite game of all time: Touhou 7 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom

So, my favourite videogame of all time is actually a shoot 'em up from 2003.
I can’t point to exactly a single thing which makes me love this thing so much, but I personally just find the music, characters, and even the gameplay to be all a beautiful mix that perfectly meshes together. It holds a special place in my heart.

Favourite Grand Strategy Game: Stellaris

The possibilities are honestly limitless, you get to be everything from a communist utopia to being a backstabby megacorporation, to being an all-devouring biological hivemind.

Favourite online game: Space Station 13.
I tried writing up something descriptive and funny, but I can’t exactly come up with anything that quite encapsulates this game, so I’ll give you these images:


It’s quite the wild ride to say the least.


By far my favorite games have to be the Batman Arkham series. Since 2016, I’ve replayed all 4 games in the series at least 4-5 times a year. Every time I replay one of them, I always do New Game+ and all the side missions (including collecting all the Riddler stuff).

Outside of Arkham Knight and Return to Arkham, the only other game I’ve put over 400 hours into on my PS4 is Hitman 3 so it’s definitely up there as one of my favorites, though I’ve only played 3 for about 50 hours this year because I’ve been going back and completing all of the challenges in 2016 and 2 and all I have left to complete in 3 is about 40% of the Featured Contracts and Himmelstein and Hantu Port.

In other categories:

Favorite 2D Platformer: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Favorite 3D Platformer: Super Mario Galaxy, Banjo Tooie, Yooka Laylee
Favorite Horror: Resident Evil 1 REmake, Resident Evil 2 (original), Luigi’s Mansion (is this considered a horror game?)
Favorite FPS: Bioshock 2 + Minerva’s Den, Chex Quest 1-3
Favorite Visual Novel: The Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2
Favorite Metroidvania: AM2R
Favorite Puzzle: The Witness
Favorite Rhythm: Rhythm Heaven Fever
Favorite Open World: Breath of the Wild
Favorite Card: Inscryption
Favorite Flash: Nitrome Must Die


Favourite GOAT - Doom (1993)
Runner-up - Tie Fighter
Favourite FPS (PC) - Doom (1993), Duke Numem 3D, Quake
Favourite FPS (Console) - Halo: Combat Evolved, Star War Battlefront II (2005), Bioshock, Rainbow Six Siege
Favourite Stealth - Hitman, Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Favourite Open World - Grand Theft Auto IV
Favourite Puzzle Game - Portal 2
Favourite Super Hero game- Batman Arkham City
Favourite RPG - Star Wars KOTOR
Favourite Co-Op - Lego Star Wars TCS
Favourite Mobile - Angry Birds


What are your favourite games, he boldly asked on Hitmanforum. :wink:

More seriously.

Hitman (WoA). (It’s a game in the truest definition, a bunch of rules, a board, and lot of free fun with a social twist. I’m also in awe to the design, hence my arrival here, stayed because you all are a right bunch)

Ace Attorney (when I need to relax, with the phone/emulation version)

Fallout NV (my comfort game, I know every bits and cranny of it)

Civilization (if I want to lose a full day, don’t really have the time anymore. Played Civ V a lot in 2012-2013)

Outside of that, I played a bit of everything, with the exception of fast paced games or first person shooters.
Nothing stands up particularly.

According to my stats my most played game is Red Dead Redemption II at 700h, mostly from Red Dead Online.
I played it in 2019 when I came back in France with proper time for myself, had a lot of books I wanted to read, and a bunch of them were in audio. So it was my (main) background game.
So it arrives with good memories. But I never really replayed it since.


I guess my favorite game of all time is Hitman Blood Money since I never get tired of it. I can play the same strat over and over again and still enjoy it.

Favourite FPS (Console) - Far Cry 3
Favourite Stealth - Hitman Series
Favourite Open World - Grand Theft Auto series
Favourite Mobile - Hitman GO
Favourite Coop - Far Cry 5
Favourite Online Multiplayer - Fortnite, Rocket League


Favorite game of all time: Red Dead Redemption 2
Favorite first person shooters: Destiny 2
Favorite action games: Ghost of Tsushima
Favorite Superhero game: Spiderman PS4
Favorite Narrative game: Gone Home
Favorite Rhythm game: Beat Saber
Favorite Turn-based RPG: Divinity Original Sin 2
Favorite Horror Game: Resident Evil Village
Favorite Roguelike: Risk of Rain 2
Favorite Stealth Games: Hitman WOA
Favorite puzzle games: Portal 2
Favorite coop game: 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel
Favorite strategy game: Risk Global Domination
Favorite sports game: WWE Series, UFC Series
Favorite platformers: Super Mario Galaxy 2

I never thought I’d see another SS13 enjoyer :joy:, yeah definitely no way to describe this game to others.

My favourite experience is when my weed dealing operation went south and I got cuffed and thrown down the garbage chute, there was a few guys down there for some reason and we managed to group up and sneak through the station together before one of us got mortally wounded by a super aggressive cop, he bled out just before we could get him to a doctor in the med bay.

For the uninitiated, every person I just mentioned was a real player :joy:


Favorite game of all time: Codename 47
Favorite first person shooters: Blood (1997)
Favorite action games: Castlevania Lords of Shadow
Favorite Superhero game: Batman Returns (SNES)
Favorite RPG: Secret of Mana
Favorite Horror Game: Resident Evil 2
Favorite Stealth Games: original Hitman Trilogy
Favorite Point&Click games: Broken Sword
Favorite coop game: Turtles in Time
Favorite strategy game: C&C Red Alert 2
Favorite Fighting game: Mortal Kombat
Favorite platformers: Super Mario World
Favorite Metroidvanias: Super Metroid/Symphony of the Night
Favorite Star Wars Game: Super ROTJ

I wanna give Blood a special shout out here, its the greatest FPS of all time and needs way more attention and appreciation. Check out the BLOOD: Fresh Supply Remaster on steam and see for yourself.


Favourite Action Game (Sword Slash): Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice

Favourite Action Game (Modern Guns): Call of Duty series

Favourite Action Game (Old Guns): Sniper Elite series

Favourite Game with realistic graphics: Death Stranding

Favourite Open World Game (Sword): Elden Ring, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Favourite Open World Game (Guns): GTA 5, Ghost Recon Wildlands

Favourite Story Game: Detroit - Become Human

Favourite Sports Game: FIFA series

Favourite Racing Game: NFS Most Wanted, The Crew

Favorite Superhero game: Batman Arkham series, Spiderman series

Favourite Horror Game: Days Gone

Favourite Co-op game (LAN): Rainbow Six Siege, Counter Strike.

Favourite Co-op game (split screen / couch buddy): A Way Out

Favourite Fighting Game: Street Fighter X Tekken

Favourite Game with customised level development: Arma 3

Favorite Game Studios: IO Interactive, From Software, Santa Monica Studios, Sucker Punch Studios.

Favourite Game of all time: Hitman series.

BTW nice to have this thread, if anyone like me is looking to buy a game, this threads looks helpful.


I really hate these kinds of lists since it’s hard to pick one or two out of the whole list of favorites :smile:


I don’t really give a shit about genre, so…

Hitman WoA: Duh.

Final Fantasy VI: It has FF’s best cast of characters, including a villain that destroys the world. Add in the iconic Opera House scene and ‘Dancing Mad’, the greatest final boss theme ever composed and it’s a nearly flawless game. (I really wish they’d release the Pixel Remaster on consoles. :pleading_face:)

The Last of Us: Ellie, Ellie and Ellie. Oh, and that Joel fella is kinda interesting too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Life is Strange: Perhaps the most emotionally absorbing game I’ve played, with a gut-punch of an ending. (Assuming, you pick the correct ending. :smirk:)

Alien Isolation: The perfect love letter to my favorite movie. Still the only game I’ve played on the insane patched-in ultra difficulty.

Disco Elysium: One of my favorite narratives in any medium. Exhibit A to show to idiots who still insist that video games aren’t art.

Mark of the Ninja: 2D stealth perfection. It annoys me that there aren’t more games like it.

Control: The Oldest House is an amazing setting and the Launch and Levitate powers are fun and intuitive. Plus, you know, the Ashtray Maze. :sunglasses:

Returnal: The smoothest controlling game I’ve ever played. The Tower of Sisyphus is insanely good and insanely hard. And insanely addictive. It’s replaced Hitman as the game I feel compelled to play every single day.


I mean, this list will help in filtering the deal of the day in e-commercial websites :rofl: I am a victim of selecting a bad game on the deal of the day he he.With thay budget, I can buy two games.


All time favorite - TES III: Morrowind

Fav. FPS’ - Half-Life, STALKER, Far Cry 2 and 3

Fav. old-school FPS’ - Duke Nukem 3D, Blood

Fav. RPGs - TES V: Skyrim, Witcher, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Fav. cRPGs - TES II: Daggerfall, Might & Magic 6, 7, 8, Disco Elysium

Fav. Turn-Based games: Heroes of Might & Magic III, Disciples II

Fav. 3rd person action games: Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, Prince of Persia Sands of Time trilogy, Bully

Fav. Superhero games: Batman Arkham series

Fav. Point & Click games: Sam & Max: Hit the Road, Grim Fandango, Four Last Things and The Procession to Calvary

Fav. Coop games: Human Fall Flat, Untitled Goose Game

Fav. Simulation / Strategy games: SimCity 4, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Caesar III and IV, Children of the Nile, Tropico 4, The Guild

Fav. Stealth games: Hitman, Assassins Creed 1, Ezio Trilogy and Origins, Thief, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex, Death to Spies

Fav. Puzzle games: Portal

Fav. Sports games: Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Fav. Platformers: Rayman The Great Escape and Hoodlum Havoc, Psychonauts

Fav. Multiplayer games: Counter-Strike, Worms

Fav. Racing game: Carmageddon

Damn that was hard, there are way too many games to include, I’d probably be here till tomorrow :grin:


If you aren’t sure what to pick, just get the one that usually has the highest price / rating :smile:


Favorite game of all time: HITMAN series.I may not be suitable for stealth games. But I really like the HITMAN series. Of course, I also like the Assassin’s Creed series and the Watchdog series. I like the life experience of 47 and other protagonists.
Favorite action game: Devil May Cry 5.Also,I’m weak in action games.But I love Dante and Vergil,especially Vergil.Look at my personal page,they’re all about Vergil.I like samurai swords. So I often play with people who have samurai swords.
Add one: Cyberpunk 2077. I know this is an unfinished game. But I have been looking forward to the future world since 2013. I like V. he or she is a hero with flesh and blood. But what I like more is the technology and metal sense of the future world. However, it is true that this game makes me have a bad experience.
In general, I am not particularly concerned about the playfulness of the game. I care more about the theme and protagonist of the game. HITMAN series, Assassin’s Creed series, Devil May Cry series and Cyberpunk 2077 all make me feel thousands of emotions. I will remember their stories all my life, and they have affected my life.


The Secret of Monkey Island, Disco Elysium, Control, and Hitman 2 (2018).

Edit: Shit, I forgot Deus Ex.

Also edit: Honorable Mention goes to Desperados 3, especially as no one here has mentioned it and I feel like it’d be well received in this community.


I really need to finish this game had a blast with it so far.