Your favourite featured/non featured contract?

What’s your Favorite contract which one did you enjoy the most


If you’re talking contracts mode, which I’m assuming you are considering the title, my favorites include ones that I can do SA sniping without using those same five dudes on the piers in Sapienza.

I also like ones in Whittleton Creek that include Helen West, James Batty and Charles Blake, III, because I can arrange a really good setup that 47 himself would be proud of. I collect the package for Batty from the mailman, grab the wrench on the porch from the house near him, then make my way to the West house. Without using any keys, and avoiding unlocking any doors at all if I can, using only a lockpick when I must, I sneak in and steal both the Rude Ruby handgun from her bedroom and the lethal poison pills from her basement. I then collect the single coin on the sidewalk found on the map, and make my way to Batty’s house.

I put the package in his mailbox and ring the doorbell to get him to come out, and while he does so, I hop the fence to his backyard. Behind his shed at the edge of the creek, I place the coin, and wait for him to come back to the yard. I turn on the generator and hide, then after he turns it off, he spots the coin near the water and picks it up. I move behind him and throw the wrench on the ground as soon as he stands up straight again to get him to turn around in place without stepping away from the creek’s edge. I pull out the Rude Ruby and shoot him to death, and he falls back into the water, hiding his body without me needing to touch it. I quickly pick up the wrench, the coin and the package he dropped, leaving the key and paper where they are, and leave before guards arrive to investigate the shots.

I head to the park and use the lethal pills from the West basement to poison Blake’s water bottle, then head back to the West house. I wait until both Helen and the other guy in her kitchen leave and I turn off her stove and use the wrench to start a gas leak (if the guy comes back, he won’t notice the leak). I hide in the hallway near the garage entrance for Helen to come back and notice the stove is off, and when she moves toward it to turn it on, I sneak up behind her, but a little ways back, about where the kitchen table is, and I drop the Rude Ruby and Batty’s package there, then head back to where I was, climb out the window and hop her fence to the front yard. Helen dies in the explosion, her body lands about where I dropped the items, and in-universe, investigations will find the package, leading them to Batty’s house, and a gun that matches the bullets that will eventually be found in his body.

I put the wrench back where I got it from and wait near the bus stop exit for Blake to eventually drink the poisoned water and die, then exit, knowing the investigation will find Helen’s basement and conclude that she killed Batty, poisoned Blake, and killed herself by accident in the gas explosion. It’s ok that Blake dies after because nobody would know when Helen poisoned the water, but convinced she did before she got herself blown up. If there’s any other targets in the contract, I either kill them with the Rude Ruby as well, or with Helen’s kitchen knife and put that back on the table before I rig the stove.

A perfect assassination that nobody will even know took place, because it looks like a serial killer just accidentally offed herself after her most recent victims. Totally something Agent 47 would approve of.


Cocain’t featured contract in NY, try it!


Schizophrenia in Hokkaido.


Schizophrenia (H2, Hokkaido)
Perfect Shooter Puzzle Remix (H2, Miami)
Fooling Bobby (H2, Whittleton)
Sniper Assassin: Castle Mk2 (H2, Sgail)
Rubber Ducky you’re the one (H3, Whittleton)

The first 3 are just really clever puzzle contracts, the 4th one was the first of Kevin Rudd’s sniper contracts that I played (sadly most of those were H2-only) and the last one simply has the best briefing I’ve ever read.


Easily my favorite Contracts



So are those in WOA or no?

And if so, what batch of featured contracts were they in since those dont have a contract number and i might have to scroll through many pages to locate them.

Yes, all H2 featured contracts were made available in H3 at some point (although the person I mentioned made a lot of contracts in H2 that were not remade in H3, including some pretty interesting modded contracts).

Schizophrenia is from some H2 Christmas selection that has custom pictures, Rubber Ducky you’re the one is from the “Rubber Duck” FCs, the others are more difficult to find since you would probably need to scroll a lot to find them (I wish we could search FCs by title like we can do for regular contracts :/).

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For the contract i mentioned, its on the 2nd page at the end under summer delinquency.

Oh and please follow the rules, thats the whole fun of it, youll need to manage your inventory and know your level.

Good hunting.

Attack of the red and black


Sniper assassin: miami

Sniper assassin: castle mk 2

What’s in the box?

Vanishing act


Santa’s workshop

Calm before christmas

Strange Tales: fatal error

Meet your brothers

The calling dread

These are the featured contracts I come back to play again from time to time.


What campaign is schizophrenia part of?

Pretty frustrating they dont have a contract number so we have to scroll through many pages to find.

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I searched for a Youtube video of that contract, its image is this


You can try zapping until you see it, it’s gonna be pretty far down.


I found it, page 7 or so.

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Alright so its a very interesting one so thanks for mentioning it however im facing a conundrum here because im following the rules but you find 2 leathal poisons in the map and you bring 3 so you cant bring a card hacker and the director never goes to his office and it would make sense to start with him given the fact there was no way to subdue a doctor cleanly because of enforcers.

I could subdue him but then i have to have him seen to be waken up so i find impossible to do SA or not break the rules.

Any insights from anyone whos played it, or willing to try?

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If I remember correctly, there are 3 poisons on the map: portman’s room, Fugu Fish, and in the clinic.

If you use the Kalmer to KO someone and their body is found, you won’t lose SA so you can get any two of the targets’ disguises with it and start from there.

Thanks for mentioning it, I picked that one from White-Half and did some changes, hence the Remix. :grin:

You probably have to scroll a few pages, it was featured in Hitman 2.

Found this screenshot of the face:

Oh right, i forgot about the fugu. Ill try again.

Ill try that one too.

Also major question: for the correct disguise to count, do you have the wear the disguise when you pour the poison, or when they consume it? :thinking:

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