Your favourite suits

Just a place to talk about your favourite starting suits. I’ve found myself wearing the tactical turtleneck quite a bit. Also the casual suit with gloves.
Edit: Just got the midnight black suit, and it is on my favourites list now.


Everything in the Coats section, to put it simple.

Neon City Suit has become my all time favourite in general.


I think for me, in order, I like:

Black Dragon (Lee Hong Escalation Deluxe edition)

Tactical Gear with Hunter’s Hat (Colorado Elusive Target) - I have not unlocked this yet but this is where I’d put it when I do unlock it.

The Scarlet Suit (Lust Deadly Sin)

I never use any other ones.


Disclaimer: I know that this is a “Your favourite suits” topic, but i’m bored and got a little carried away!

In no particular order:
•47’s signature suit [prefer gloves]
•Absolution suit
•Ashen suit [prefer with gloves]
•Blood money suit
•Black and White tuxedo set [prefer without gloves]
•Blue flamingo suit [my silly suit :slight_smile:]
•Casual suit [gloves/no gloves]
•Casual undercover
•Casual tourist [gloves/no gloves]
•Classic all black suit [my SASO/SNOKO suit]
•Florida fit [gloves/no gloves]
•Italian suit [gloves/no gloves]
•Neon suit [prefer gloves]
•Number six [Prefer gloves]
•Phantom suit
•Requiem suit
•Raven suit
•Snow festival suit [for snowy/Christmas maps]
•Smart casual [would use more if it had gloves]
•Suburban suit [prefer default gloves]
•Summer suit [prefer without gloves]
•Tactical gear [prefer with hunters hat]
•Terminus [for the rich/fancy type maps :slight_smile:]
•Tuxedo suit [gloves/no gloves]
•The undying look
•Tuxedo with mask [gloves/no gloves]
•Ultimate black suit [don’t own but looks rad]
•Winter suit/Black winter suit
I’ve realised that i’ve put most suits here, i guess i 'm lustful towards IOI suit designs! :smile:

•ICA 19
•Floral baller
•Silverballer [DIE MK2 DIE :smile:]
•Classic coin
•Fibre wire
•Lockpick MK3
•Briefcase MK3
•Sieger 300 ghost
•Sieger 300 Advanced [Ave Maria is a great romantic era song :musical_note:]
•Enram HV suppressed
•Dak X2 covert
•TAC-4 AR suppressed
•Combat knife [for the deadly vibe]
•Hobby knife
•Lethal pills [black all around the vial]
•Emetic pills [black all around the vial]
•Sedative pills [black all around the vial]

•Ave Maria [Isle of Sgàil memorial wake music FYI]
•Ave Verum Corpus [Sapienza church music FYI]
•Tears of Thornbrige manor [Piano music FYI]


NOTE: Some maps have been blurred as they usually (on most people rankings) should be either higher or lower. It’s just to stop internet arguments

Top tier:
•New York

Hey that’s pretty good!:

Good mid map:
•Isle of Sgàil
Whittleton Creek
Haven Island

It’s ok every now and then:
•Santa Fortuna
Hawkes Bay

Colorado bad:
•Carpathian mountains



Honestly loved playing dressup in WOA. It was really great to see 47 in a wide variety of outfits, and still having the signature suit as an option too.

If I had to chose an all-time fave, it’d be the Tuxedo from Paris. I remember when the idea of starting suits was announced, I went “ew I’m not wearing that Tux, 47’s suit is just fine for this”. Then I went “oh what the hell” and fell in love with it’s blue tone.


My favourite suit I use most of the time. because it’s badass:

Number Six Suit

Top 5 other suits I love: (in no particular order)

  1. Blood Money Suit (because of the bright red striped tie)
  2. The Undying Look (the grey suit is nice)
  3. Casual Undercover (the undercover PI look is nice)
  4. Summer Suit with Gloves (White suit, no tie, purple shirt is a nice casual look)
  5. Italian Suit / Casual Suit (depends on my mood, but the white/black shirt is also a nice look)

Honorable mentions, Deluxe and 7DS:

The Black Dragon, got some great gang vibes. Doesn’t look over the top in style or flashiness.

The Narcissus Suit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The peacock/bird/feathery optical illusion of the suit works nice from afar and especially from the back. Up close though the mirrors embedded in the suit are very visible & kinda look weird.


Please do, I kinda wanna see how this turns out

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Nice tier list, but I’m curious to see a full tier list (every suit in the entire game)

I usually pick a suit that fits the map, so for example the Winter Suit for Hokkaido or the Summer Suave Suit for Sapienza. Another example would be the Freedom Phantom Suit for Marrakesh. I think the colours on that suit work great for this map.

My all time favorite non-themed suits would be

  • Cashmerian
  • Imperial Classic
  • Suburban Suit
  • All-Black
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Depends on the map and how I’m feeling. Plus my opinion sometimes just swings arbitrarily. Though my most picked would probably be:

  • Sunny touristy maps such as Sapienza or Miami: Summer Suave Suit, Italian Suit with Gloves and Cashmerian.
  • Dartmoor and Paris: Winter Suit or anything from Classics/Formal categories.
  • Levels where I’m feeling more tactical/combative like Colorado, Santa Fortuna and Ambrose: Tactical Gear with Hat.
  • Resorts (aka Bangkok and Haven): Casual Suit with Gloves.
  • Hokkaido: White Yukata or VIP Patient. All other suits just look off in this more restricted setting.
  • Hawke’s Bay: Terminus just clicks. I cannot tell why.
  • Whittleton: Anything from the Classics.
  • Sgail: Arkian Tuxedo.
  • New York and Dubai: Rapacious Suit.
  • Berlin and Chongqing: Number Six or Neon City Suit (both with gloves of course).
  • Mendoza: Requiem Suit (IOI please remove P2W and add more Mendoza exits thanks).

It’s certainly a nod to James Bond, and that midnight blue tux Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall was a nod back to the original Bond film (Dr No) where Connery wears a midnight blue tux.

My fav 47 suit is the signature suit, but I would quickly change my mind if we ever got a 17 Suit. 47 probably gets tired of wearing the same colour tie every day. Let’s get him some options! I hope if we ever get it the inside liner is also orange.

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The Scarlett suit or Clown suit is by far my all time favourites. The color scheme just goes so well with almost every single level.

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Cough cough Isle of Sgàil cough cough.
Jesus i must have a hard opinion stuck in my throat
Cough cough

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Here’s my Top 5:

  1. White Yukata

  2. Imperial Classic with Gloves

  3. Raven Suit

  4. 47’s Signature Suit with Gloves

  5. Requiem Suit

Honorable mentions are the Number Six with Gloves, Tactical Gear with Hunter’s Hat, and the New Yorker with Gloves.

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The Italian suit
The black dragon suit
White yukata
Ark soceity suit
Colombian suit (suit from nexus mod)
Splinter cell suit (from nexus mod)
7 deadly sins (greed) i use it for Dubai
Rabbit suit (from egg hunt)
The Berliner suit
Paris suit


Adding Summer Suave as my fav non suit suit.

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Personally I’ve always been a fan of the absolution suit just the way it look brings back memoriesProcessing: 7CC31CCF-6BB6-4055-82AC-7C08A2730B2A.jpeg…

17 is now my fav suit !!

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My Top 5 are the following

  1. 47’s Signature Suit with Gloves
  2. Blood Money Suit
  3. Black Winter Suit
  4. Requiem Suit
  5. Absolution Suit
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