Your Personal Challenges

SASO, SANKO, no items, default start, we all know of and did those challenges and many other classic of the serie.

So I was wandering about all the other one, the more personal, emergent. From the simple to the eccentric.

If you have any personal challenges or runs, I am curious. If you have found anything difficult, interesting, fun or that made you see the levels in a new way. It can be a restriction, the use of a all too forgotten item, or anything else really. Please share.

As for some of mine :

-Social run : no running, no crouching, no vaulting, no knock out. Just walking, making yourself part of the crowd and at select point entering the right room to put on a placed disguise.
-Staff disguise only/Security disguise only : because I normally use a mix of them, I found restricting myself to one type surprisingly refreshing.
-RFID Triggered Explosive : I never used this item before, and it made me follow the targets to find the right bin (also a special mention to doing the hitman 2 challenge “A Curious Case For Sophia Washington” this way)



Kill everyone. I know it’s a challenge many people do, but still, it can be quite difficult. And since I’m not a good player in general, this is a very hard challenge for me I still like to do.

Took me two hours in Colorado for example :sweat_smile:

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Subdue everyone except the targets. Suit only and SA. Quite difficult to do. Especially with all the transparent walls in the H3-maps (looking at you Chongqing…). And sometimes frustrating when a ko’d NPC gets spotted after two hours and I have to start again.

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I’ve done Kill Everyone challenges so often that I like to keep adding more complications to make them tougher. What I like to do now are Suit Only Never Compromised Kill Everyone challenges, where I don’t ever change out of my starting suit and try to kill everyone without being seen. By compromised, I don’t mean if I get compromised by a person as I’m killing them, I mean making sure nobody else sees me killing them and avoiding getting into gunfights.

I can also think of ways to make it even harder, like not doing any manual saves, playing on Master Mode, and no loadouts (meaning on most levels I couldn’t use a silenced weapon). However, I’m not ready for that level of difficulty yet.

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I really like the idea of the “social run” … but I will have a very hard time not running. Force of habit ya know?

I’m a fan of electrocution kills so I like to do all-electrocution runs. By nature of those being accident kills I usually end up trying to do these SASO.

Kill everyone is fun and lets you take advantage of the game’s many explosives and heavy weapons, but I don’t have the patience to ever do a never-spotted kill everyone.

I guess a fun, self-imposed challenge I do is to get the completely wrong disguise for the location, and attempt an SA infiltration. For example, getting the intern’s disguise in Marrakesh, and then infiltrating the school. Or say the new classic: the homeless man and then the ICA facility in Chongqing. This way of playing doesn’t change any mechanics from SASO, but it’s all about the roleplaying aspect and feeling like a extra cheeky sneaky assassin. Basically I like to dress up as blue collar or service workers, and take out the members of the global elite.


In addition to SASO, I also try some runs with some complications:

  • Suit restriction: SO or kill targets with specific suits (vampire magician, biker, entertainer…) (I managed a SA skydiving suit only run in Dubai today :grinning:).
  • Kill restriction: poison only, electrocution only, only drown, unsilenced pistol…
  • Sniper SO and no briefcase (doesn’t care about SA but still sniper assassin).
  • SASO noKO: personally find this one hard

Some ways I’ve played the game:

  • Not allowed to use stairs
  • Not allowed to see targets (including instinct)
  • Not allowed to have a trespassing status
  • Not allowed to use distractions or to throw anything

I’ve done all WoA games using those rules (not at the same time) and doing it with default locations and items, except when it would’ve been impossible (some locations for the no stairs challenge for example). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Untouchable is an exception.


My favorite is No Running, but still allowing to crouch, etc.
Along with NoInstinct/No KO/SO/NoMap it feels the most realistic and cinematic.

I love calmly march through the locations suit-only and timing infiltrations like clockwork without hitting anybody other than the targets.
The handicap of slower movement often forces new kinds of strategies and fresh replayability.

Figuring out an efficient way to do Walking Only without wasting too much time and space in every map is absolutely something I like to challenge myself with.

My second favorite is Striker Only kills.

The loudness is a a nice challenge (AI attraction and randomness of alarm reactions) and the strong impact can be even be helpful by automatically throwing bodies away from being found.


No evidence ghost run:

  • Start in default location with no items smuggled in (only what you can carry).
  • May not leave any evidence behind (bullet holes, clothing, items, etc). If you change into a disguise, you must change back before exiting.
  • Security cameras may only be disabled by hacking the security station (because … no bullet holes. It must look like a technical software error).
  • No people may be knocked out violently (only by being drugged or by an accident, like a banana peel or tranq dart - they must wake up thinking they were ill or had an accident). If using a tranq dart, you must be able to touch the body once they drop (to remove the dart).
  • If their uniforms were taken, these must be returned to the body before exiting (imagine dressing them again). Also, their bodies must lie where they fell - if they wake up elsewhere they’d become suspicious.
  • Targets must die in an accident only (and if multiple targets, they must die in different types of accidents. Poison counts (simulating a heart attack or such).
  • You must not be spotted or recorded on camera (unless spotted by the target who is then killed, or camera if footage is erased after).
    — Basically, authorities should not suspect foul play but rather a series of unfortunate coincidences. Might want to try this on normal difficulty, though. Master is really tough for some levels —

I have a few, I think.

The blending in:
Always appropriate disguise, no running/crouching unless there’s no one around.
Also, every item I pick up has to be replaced where I found them. No illegal activity, preferably without disabling the cameras.

The opportunistic listen in:
Usually it’s a suit only run (but sometimes blending is necessary), triggering as much as possible dialouges, while completing the opportunities and learn how the targets/ NPCs will behave.

The no witnesses:
Just a casual run gone wrong.
If I get caught, get rid of the evidence… for the time being.

The madman:
Just moving around the map, trying to come up with an assassination, and if someone going to be rude… they get punished. If they held at gun point and saying some funny stuff, I let them inform guards, then I kill them.

The kill everyone:
The louder, the better… and don’t forget to pack a knife.
Worth to mention, it is preferable to have contained situations… then lure one person to the crimescene. Way more fun.


A few I like to do semi-regularly:

  • Loud Weapons Only/SOSA: Break out my explosives and/or loud weapons and still get a clean rating.
  • Accidents Only: I love accident kills, and I especially love getting creative with some strategically placed propane flasks.