47’s Unlockable Suits?

Right, I’m going to pick people’s brains on this one because I’ve been searching for the answer and I can’t see to find any hints :joy:

Remember in ‘Hitman 2’ when had the Elusive Target Rewards for unlocking 47’s suits? I’ve attached the rewards below in case people can’t remember.

Does anyone think if you missed one of 47’s suits in Hitman 2 under the Elusive Targets, that they’ll still be obtainable in Hitman 3?

With the Elusive Targets now starting in Hitman 3, I’m still hoping to get 47’s signature suit with gloves as I missed out on it! :crossed_fingers:


Yeah I’d assume they’d allow a path to unlocking them for new players. Whether it’s through ETs or not we’ll see

I still need the Bangkok unlock :sweat_smile:

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Imo 47s Signature Suit with Gloves needs to be unlocked from the start of every Game.


Would just be cool if IOI implemented the same table above for Hitman 3 for those players that have missed out on the chance to get them. They might change the number of kills to unlock them and stuff, but either way I’ll be happy as long as I have the opportunity again to get that suit :wink:

Personally, I would have made it an unlock for getting max mastery in every mission and/or completing all classic challanges in the main campaign.

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Nope, i think it should be available from the start. It doesn’t gives you any advantage or something, so why do you have to unlock it?

I personally would have not carried over the progression if I knew i would have the Signature Suit ready to go.

Also its an absolute classic, you dont have to unlock Super Mario’s Cap, you have it from start.


i know people were able to unlock the Tuxedo w/ Mask suit when the Jimmy Chen ET accidentally leaked. are ET challenges in the game yet?

if not, they might add the challenges through online


I do think it will be available as long as there are Elusive targets.

Personally I only need two suits, Absolution suit and the Winter Suit with gloves. The signature suit with gloves should have been the standard, I always felt the gloves was part of the iconic attire. It’s not as much of a problem anymore when you got it unlocked, but it felt “wrong” at first. In the end I’m just glad it isn’t locked behind a paywall.


I wish it would have been the “One of a kind” Suit, with the Handkerchief.


Always hated that suit, it looked like a thin cardigan 47 wore instead of a blazer.

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Whats wrong with you? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looks totally fine to me



I still think it looks thin Cardigan, that said the moment was cool. I wouldn’t mind go suit shopping with 47 again.


I know a great tailor in Mumbai that i recommend.

They should make them unlockable with level escalations or something (unless they were put on Lvl 20 Mastery for all levels like they’ve been doing in H3 and the DLC levels.
Let’s face it, IO tried something with Elusive Targets, it didn’t work out quite as they wanted, but they don’t want to publicly announce that they don’t want to do them anymore as it was such a big push in season 1. So unless they put ETs out as replayable content for people after the fact, they may as well trickle the suits into rewards for features they’re maintaining such as Escalations or Contracts


As long as there are ETs running, they will probably be unlockable by ETs only. But I hope and would expect that by the time ETs stop (and are hopefully put as permanently replayable into the game), the suits will be made unlockable in a permanent way by escalations, tier tracks, mastery, or some other way.

It makes sense to have them as unlocks while the game is in its “active” phase, but once the live support ends, it would be sensible to make them unlockable in a different way for people who missed out on them for one reason or another or only just got into the game (a WoA Definitive Edition would be the logical choice here).

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Well that is good to know! :wink:

I do agree that the signature suit with gloves should be available from the start with it being one of 47’s iconic looks. I’m just hoping I can get it as the Elusive Targets begin to roll out

You never know, that maybe the suit that’s unlockable after completing the Berlin Escalation? We don’t have any news yet but we can speculate.

A hotdog suit!~ Mustard gas bomb included.

and the earpiece too, to make it seem more unique.

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Or it should’ve been the mastery level 5 unlock on carpathian mountains, but we got a shotgun that no one will ever use.

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Mastery 5 should be the ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service’ outfit