A cool detail in the bank

I don’t know if someone has already noticed this or if this was already on H2, but I found something interesting on the Bank.

I noticed that when you start a mission on the default starting location 47 will have damp clothes like in Chongqing. At first I thought it was some kind of bug, but when I went back to the briefing cutscene of “the golden handshake” I noticed that it was raining outside the bank, that’s why he has wet clothes when he starts the mission.

I think this is a small but pretty cool detail that they didn’t need to add, but it makes you have more respect for the developers.


Huh, haven’t actually noticed that myself :thinking:

By the way we tend to not make whole new threads for such small observations that don’t really need their own discussions. We just post to pre-existing threads. I recommend


Yes, it was already in H2 :wink: