Access Pass for xbox

While we wait for the progression issue to be sorted I went ahead and downloaded the access passes on my Xbox. Now the the H2 passes were fine but even though I own h1 and have the legacy pass it’s insisting I buy the h1 goty upgrade for $30. Is this just a bug?


I have access to all Legacy Levels. It might be a discrepancy with Physical owners of the previous titles. I’m all digital.

On Xbox Series X btw.

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Travis has responded saying they are aware of the issue and they are working on it.



Cool I appreciate the heads up. I have digital and the series x as well here’s hoping it’ll smooth over soon

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I have the same issue with Legacy from H1. Says I gotta buy the GOTY edition even if I own all the Legacy stuff in H2.

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Playing on the Xbox Series X and i am also running into this issue. I own Hitman 1 along with everything but on Hitman 3 it’s wanting me to pay $30 for access for hitman 1 content. Glad to see they are fixing this.

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I’m also all digital. This is a weird situation but at least I was able to redeem H2 content at full so at least not gotta worry too much. In fact, I’m more concerned for the content here than I am for the transfer.

Is letting me access the DLC Hitman 2 stuff but not the normal stuff

On another note on the off chance we get the carry over to work. What happens to content that we can’t access, like the h1 goty access. Will we still retain progression for that when it’s fixed?

Any update on this? Really want to play the whole trilogy from scratch, for achievements etc… Sitting with every legacy mission on Hitman 2 but unable to play in H3. Refusing to pay £24.99 for something i already own😐


I’m giving up playing for today and probably the next day and the next day. Until all of this shit is sorted out

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good to know im not the only one

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Install Hitman 1 GOTY. Start the game. Make sure you are connected online. Go into the menu and scroll over and there you can redeem the legacy pack. Yes you have to redeem the legacy pack for the GOTY that you already own. After that go back to H3 and import H1. Just did it and it worked. You can delete H1 and H2 after you redeem that legacy pack.

Just tried the above ^^ and still no joy. Downloaded H1 redeemed the free GOTY legacy pack like you said. Took me to xbox store where it said i already owned it.

Went back on H3 and its still trying to get £25 off me :unamused:

Wonder if this is a potential ‘deliberate’ mistake by IO where they will wait and see how many people actually pay the money, despite the fact they already own it.

100% pure profit…

Yep I appreciate the suggestion, but no dice on my end either

Any updates on this? Morning time in UK here and its still asking me £24.99 for H1 access pass. Frustrating the hell out of me as wanted to play through 1-3 again in order, however this is stopping me from doing so :roll_eyes:

I have the same issue in UK, cannot get H1 access due to this bug. Tried again at 9:30am was still saying £24.99

I am also having this problem with not being able to get the H1 access pass on Xbox.

Here is what I have found:

In the H2 store it shows I own the GOTY Legacy Pack:

But when I click on it, it links to this in the store:


So then I searched and found that there are TWO versions of the GOTY Legacy Pack for some reason as you can see here:

This one I own:

And this one it keeps trying to link to:

I have no idea how to solve this and it is very annoying but hopefully this info is useful to others.

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Where did you find the other versions?

Cheers for the info. Looks like you may have pinpointed the issue.

Ive just done the same and its taking me to purchase the legacy pack for £18.14, however the other legacy pack i own on the store… They both have the exact same name and features, WTF! Question is of course is why there is 2 versions of the exact same product?

I never had this issue with H2. I honestly believe IOI have bitten off my than they can chew, with this whole progression carry over and now this. I believe PS owners are having the opposite problem where they cant get the H2 pass.

Complete mess, expected a lot more, but then i thought the same with CDPR and C2077. Theres been no update on Travis’ twitter feed and i believe theyre gna be snowed under for a while. So nothing we can do :pensive: