Access Pass for xbox

Are you guys clicking on the link for the legacy pack on the reddit post?

It takes you to a different download option for the standard legacy pack, one you cannot find in store normally. Once you install this (may have to switch to Uk store if in Uk) it should allow you to install the GOTY access pack.

I clicked all those links… nothing worked. I’m at my wits end and I’m considering requesting a refund from MSFT until this is all sorted out.

This launch has been janky asf.

Edit // This is incredibly weird… but I went back to the site as a last ditch effort and… it worked… but before it requested I pay $40. Gonna check to see if my maps are unlocked… wish me luck!

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All of those links show up with a price tag for me. Before you ask, I still clicked on them, and they still led me through the buying process.

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Still no luck triple checked every solution suggested in high hopes of being wrong

Same issue with me. Able to confirm that I own the H1 GOTY legacy pack for H2, but Xbox and web store state that I need to purchase the H1 access pass. All copies are owned digitally.


Can you please provide a screenshot of the owned product on Microsoft Store (with the full web address) and then picture of the HITMAN 3 Access Pass: GOTY Edition on the same store with the full web address as well?

You can PM me if you don’t want to share it here,


Hey there! Here you go:

Hitman 3: Deluxe Edition:

Hitman 3 GOTY Legacy:

Hey, the Deluxe Edition of HITMAN 3 does not give access to HITMAN 3 Access Pass content. You need to own HITMAN 2, or HITMAN 1 GOTY Legacy Packs in HITMAN 2 to obtain HITMAN 3 Access Pass Content for free.

I own those. You only asked for Hitman 3 GOTY, so I provided that.

Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack:

Hitman 2 Gold Edition

This is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare for Xbox users. I pre-ordered Hitman 2016 - The Full Experience. I pre-ordered Hitman 2 - Gold Edition. I pre-ordered Hitman 3 - Deluxe Edition. I have everything at 100% in both the previous games. My progress eventually transferred, but I cannot access any of the locations in H2016. In game or in the MS store, if I go to HITMAN 3 Access Pass: GOTY Edition it invites me to pay £24.99. If I go to HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Gold, which is supposed to grant access to content in both previous games. I own that, installed it, but I can’t access H2016 maps. I’m also missing the Requiem Pack.

Hey Euler13,

Do you also own HITMAN - GOTY Legacy Pack or only HITMAN 2016? Because we grant Access Pass only based on HITMAN 2 items. So you need to bring HITMAN 2016 to HITMAN 2, and once that is done, you can redeem GOTY Access Pass. There is a bit more to it if you are disc user, you can read it here: HITMAN 3 - Player Guide - IO Interactive

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What does this mean? I’ve had access to Hitman 2016 in Hitman 2 this whole time. I’m completely lost now.

Then that should work. We are working on it, I’m just collecting information so we can see what went wrong with the automation.

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Hey guys,

We are rolling out possible fix, please stay tuned. After the fix is live, you should see HITMAN GOTY Access Pass in your HITMAN 3 library, if that doesn’t work, you should be able to get it for free from store. The fix will take a while to propagate, so please check your library within next hour.


Of all the days to be working out of town. ioi_lukasz
I appreciate y’all looking into it and here’s hoping for good news

Oki doki! Glad to see there’s a solution in the works. I own the Legacy maps from H2 and also the full Gold Edition for H2. I hope this is sorted out soon and thank you all for your efforts!

We never underestimate any reports like this. And while we are silent, we are working behind the scenes to fix them. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a while, as this is extremely fragile setup that also is very error prone. We are talking about store products here, something we cannot fix by code or test completely, before product goes live.

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Hey Ursam,

Are you not able to redeem those 2?

I have access to all of the maps from H2, including expansion packs. H2 is working perfectly. Only issue is with the Legacy maps from H1.

I have cheked even the Gold Access Pass related to owning all the content from H2, including that of Legacy, and hasn’t worked out.

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Good news, H1 missions are now there