Account not Carrying Over

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) I am playing on PlayStation. My Hitman 1 and 2 information is only carrying over partially. I have it digital for 1 and :2 and 3 is a disk on PS. Any tips for me. Thank you.

Can you be more specific about which data carries over and which does not? There are multiple kinds of data with different reasons for not being transferred.

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Completed challenges mostly. I think some gear is missing, but I don’t care about that much.

Thank you.

Also, I cannot play hitman 1 or 2 through three. It says i should be able to but cannot.


In my case, only mission stories completions were not carried over. It would be nice if you can take screenshots of challenges that were not carried over.

You might want to check out the official access pack guide, it should specify how you may redeem them.

Lastly, if your issues are still not resolved, you can send a ticket to the official player support via the link below:

Hopefully these issues may be fixed as soon as possible for you.

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